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Bosnian-Croatian Border: Thermal camera’s, dogs and violent cops

While refugees in some German cities and villages are forced to move from private apartments back into camps, the suffering at European borders continues.

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.
Monday was shopping day. I actually hate shopping but sometimes you have to do it. Many people arrive in Velika Kladuša (Bosnia) without anything. Like on Lesvos there is a lack of shoes in the sizes 40-44. So we drove to the nearest bigger city, Prijedor in the Republika Srpska. It was only a one hour drive on small country roads but I had the feeling we arrived in another world. We saw a lot of fascist graffities in Prijedor and the atmosphere was completely different. We looked for shoes but didn’t find the shoes we were looking for. So we drove back to Velika Kladuša. On our way back we found two stores and bought loads of shoes in the sizes we needed.
During the day I received a message that some German villages started to force refugees who live in private apartments to move to state camps. The European borders are closed and because of that many refugees are stuck in countries like Greece, Serbia and Bosnia. So many of the German state camps are empty and because of that local authorities in some German cities and villages are paying rent for empty state camps, so they decided that people have to move back to the camps. I had the feeling I could puke all day.
The reason the camps are empty are the closed borders. On the Croatian-Bosnian border there are thermal cameras on trees in the forest, dogs and violent cops on the Croatian side of the border. Like I wrote on Sunday, many people are pushed back to Bosnia after Croatian cops destroyed their mobile phones, stole their money and often broke one of their feet so they can’t try again to cross the border for a long time. Until now when I think about Croatia, I always here: One line! in my head. This could change to: Croatia? Plaster!
On Monday people could take a shower again in Velika Kladuša, after the shower truck was repaired. Activists and locals do what the can to ease the suffering caused by the border policies of European states. Today we will also start distributing the shoes we bought yesterday. We will continue to fight against the European border policies and to ease the suffering at the borders a little bit. Providing food, clothes, shoes, medicines, tents etc. etc.

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