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Greece! Waiting for freedom is like waiting for death!

We are not exactly friends of petitions but today we make an exception. We learned to know Amir and Arash Hampay during our stay on Lesvos and both activists are suffering from the threat of the deportation of Amir Hampay for a long time now. Start solidarity actions and sign the petition.

Originally published by Change.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

fortresseurope.jpgIn Greece authorities have you waiting in a camp worse than garbage containers, waiting two precious years of your young life, your life, the only thing you have ever received as a free gift, like all humans, waiting for more than two years to get your asylum request accepted!

People who got there after you get accepted, others get rejected but asylum request was based on same grounds!

It is like waiting for your freedom like you are waiting for your death! 

While you wait….you get thrown in prison, you hungerstrike, other get their asylum, you get threatened by deportation, then you get released to wait even more! Any idea how this weird kind of torture breaks up nerves, mind, spirit, all together called your LIFE? 
In Greece the EU shows its true face to thousands of refugees: putting them in “wait for freedom” row!

Meanwhile treating them like criminals and creating hatred and pain wherever possible. All refugees suffer ongoing…in Greece, facing ever closing borders of EU democracy!
Every act of solidarity feels like a drop in the ocean of refugee torture! When will this stop? Who will stop this? When will there just ONE authority open up eyes, ears, HEART!?

Deteriorating circumstances for refugee Amir Hampay!

His nearest friend and only remaining support left the island refugee prison called Lesvos. Amir is unwell and now without any support around him, his brother is worried.
People who have arrived at the island later than Amir have received their travel papers.
There is no explanation or understanding as to why this inhumane and inconsistent treatment of his case continues. Help us raise awareness. Let’s have Amir reunited with his brother! ASYLUMPAPERS for AMIR NOW! Stop this torture of waiting forever for having a LIFE!

Sign and share our petition and many many thanks for signing and sharing! EVERY VOICE MATTERS! WE NEVER GIVE UP! ONE HEARTBEAT!

You can sign the petition here:

On June 13 some of the Enough team will return to Bosnia with the Cars of Hope collective to support refugees.

Please donate for food, tents and other things for everyday life.

The Cars of Hope  bank account details:

Bank: Volksbank in Bergisches Land

Account holder: Hopetal e.V.

Description: Cars of Hope

IBAN: DE51 3406 0094 0002 9450 87


or directly to SOS Team Kladuša via PayPal:

Mutual Aid: Support Refugees in Bosnia

Support the work with refugees in Bosnia.


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