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European Values: Burning cigarettes on faces and apartheid on public beaches

While German CDU/CSU factions in parliament are fighting each other in public about border closures in German media in a debate full of racism, other EU member states install apartheid rules on public beaches and torture people at their borders.

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Yesterday I returned to Velika Kladuša, Bosnia, to support refugees in the small border town. I left Velika Kladuša about ten days ago and in the time I wasn’t there the makeshift camp has grown again. It is about twice as big as it was when I left 10 days ago.  I am here with the Cars of Hope collective, which started to work on the Balkan route in 2015.

It’s raining a lot in Velika Kladuša and because many people are sleeping in the open air, we started to build tents. We build them together with refugees, a framework of wood and nylon to protect people from the rain. At the same time we also continue the reconstruction of two containers to create two emergency shelters for so-called vulnerable people.

Like in many places on the Balkan route people are working together with refugees here in Bosnia to improve the situation at least a little bit. A bit more human. At the same time EU member states are implementing increasingly inhuman and racist policies. The new Italian government, a coalition of the xenophobic 5 star movement and the fascist Lega Nord refused the rescue ship Aquarius to come to any Italian harbours. The Aquarius had saved more than 600 refugees on board, which they rescued at the Mediterranean sea. Yesterday I spoke several eyewitnesses that saw Croatian cops putting out a cigarette on the face of a refugee at the Croatian/Bosnian border. I call that torture. On the Greek island Lesvos local authorities started to install a kind of Apartheid rule for the public beach in the islands capital Mytilini (Tweet below). Non-EU citizens have to show their passport to get access to Mytlini beach. Of course local authorities know that almost all refugees don’t have a passport. 

In Germany parts of the CDU/CSU parliament factions are attacking Merkel and demanding to close the border and send refugees back. The attacks are also an attempt to remove Merkel from office. It’s fine by me when Merkel will be removed, but the open racist language that is being used by the CDU/CSU members of parliament that are attacking Merkel are a clear sign things will get worse in the near future. Germany is dominating the EU and a shift to an even more right wing government will please and strenghten Orban and his friends in other EU states. 

I will continue my work on the Balkan route with refugees, but we will also have to organize ourselves better at home to bring the resistance against racist policies in the EU member states on a higher level. 

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