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AFA #Malmö: Catfishing fascists in Sweden

This article is an English translation of the much read article by AFA Malmö about a neo-nazi falling in love, and later going on a date, with antifascists.

Originally published by AFA Malmö (Swedish). Translated by AFA Malmö.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

AFA Malmö: Zacharias and the meeting in Malmö


During the evening of Friday the 16th of march an unusual meeting took place. The nazi activist Zacharias Hortén took his car to a park in central Malmö, to meet up with his internet girlfriend who he had been in contact with for several months. When he arrived a group of antifascists was standing on the meeting spot.

Zacharias Hortén (940809-7435) since around two years one of the core activist in the nazi organization Nordic Recistance Movement (NMR), in “nest 3” (näste 3, the regional division of Skåne and Blekinge). He has been a part of many “combat reports” from activities in Skåne and have participated in the national events of the organization (Ludvika, Göteborg).

Image: Zacharias Hortén as shown after a confrontation in Trelleborg 2017

Hortén was one of the nazis that tried to take action against the pride parade in Trelleborg during the summer of 2017, they were beaten back by angry people in the parade. Hortén showed up together with Tobias Malvå, Freddy Nerman and Anne Simble and tried to go into the parade, but was shown massive resistance. Uniformed and civilian police had to seperate the nazis and the people in the parade, and rescued the four nazis and take them safety. Hortén have himself said that he had a concussion as a result of the confrontation between the small group of nazis and the people in the pride parade. Other people in the parade that witnessed the event, described it as the nazis being chased away and asking the police for help.

– We heard people scream that nazis was around then we saw them surrounded by people. I did not see everything, it was chaos and then it was loads of people in the way. But I saw how afraid they where when they asked the police for help. (Aktuellt Fokus, 16th of August 2017)

That Hortén suffered a concussion is information AFA Malmö received many months later – when Hortén started a relationship with a polish nazi women on the internet.

Frida, the girlfriend.

In Januari Hortén started a relationship with a woman, who he thought shared his nazi sympathies. The relationship culminated in the meeting on the 16th of march. The woman he had contact with was named “Frida” and said she was a nazi and sympathized with NMR. It started carefully, and small tries to make contact, but soon changed form into political conversations, invitations to activities and hardcore sexual approaches from Hortén. Hortén shared a lot of material, naked pictures, explicit sound files and during the conversations talked about violent sexual fantasies which included choking and punishment. Hortén confessed to have been a porn addict for several years, since he was around twelve, during the conversations. He told us about personal problems, dark thoughts and rehabilitation after he had broken his hand during a national NMR action in Göteborg in the fall of 2017. He told us about his plans to move to a farm together with a comrade and some animals.

Image: Self portrait of Hortén in his home.

The political dimensions of the conversation had different characteristics. One part was about ideological talks of everything from the national movements internal problems and divisions on the use of birth control pills. Hortén had the opinion that birth control pills had a negative effect on womens ability to chose a suitable partner. The conversations also centered around the activities of NMR, including the activities of Nest 3. Hortén gave us knowledge of the daily work of the regional part of the organization, the division of labour, the names of certain persons and their responsibilities. Hortén claimed that Tobias Malvå is responsible for the twitter account of Nest 3 and the “VK” homepage – a Russian social media, similar to Facebook, where many western fascists have accounts. On several occasions Hortén shared information on planned activities, for example several flyer distributions in Trelleborg with Malvå and sympathizers to NMR.

The Meeting in Malmö

The couple Frida and Zacharias had a date on friday the 16th march, the plan was to take a walk in the park and eat dinner at his girlfriends place. Hortén left home in his Volvo v70 ACW 522 and arrived at the place for their first meeting. Instead of his girlfriend he met a group of antifascist in the park. It was made clear to Hortén that his girlfriend Frida did not exist, that his contact had been with antifascists from Malmö to which he had, over several months, shared information. The antifascists made clear that they wanted to talk to him and gave him an offer that he could leave the park. The offered terms was a three months time limit during  which he was supposed to cancel his activities with NMR and that he was to help AFA Malmö identify specific persons in the organization. After Hortén was shown pictures of the people of interest, he was let go and allowed to leave in his car and the clock started ticking.

Three months later

The reason AFA Malmö now choose to tell this story and reveal Hortén and his private logs is because he broke the conditions of the deal that was presented in the park. Hortén is, after three months, still active in NMR and still participate in the open activities of the organization.

Image: Printscreen of the text message sent to Hortén after their meeting in Malmö.

Hortén does not live in Vellinge anymore, he moved during the winter and now lives with Sebastian Elofsson on his farm in Järingsholm 6502, 280 40 Skånes Fagerhult, on the farm they have several animals and vehicles, some dogs and chickens.


Zacharias Hortén


Järingsholm 6502

280 40 Skånes Fagerhult

Do you know any of the people in the article, do you have information to share? Do you have information about other fascists in Skåne, or want to organize in the fight against fascism? Do not hesitate to contact us!



AFA Malmö, June 2018.

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