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Call for AntiRep!Net support (#ZAD #NDDL)

Supporting is participating to AntiRep!Net in showing solidarity and to maintain a wide variety of tools and act with other networks in resisting and fighting back different forms of repression and oppression, some of us do it from the front lines of la ZAD in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, fRance. We tend to do our actions and support without to much looking for social recognition. The idea and project exists since 2014. Today the french state wants to wipe la ZAD and some of its ideas, its potential and especially those engaged in more radical or emancipatory concepts of the map, out of existence… or in prison.

Originally published by AntiRep!Net.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The Squat (physical hacker-space) where a lot of our activities were held and some infrastructure maintained, got evicted on 19th of mai 2018 (since 9th of april about 36 squats on la ZAD were violently evicted). A lot of our self-managed means and resources got destroyed or confiscated. After several attempts from comrades to re-occupy the squat, some parts of the buildings got destroyed (bathroom, kitchen, inner walls, plumbing and wireing, etc…), done by the fackin cops (ACAB) themselves. It has for now been closed by big concrete blocs and cement against other re-occupations (another squat had the same treatment)…

We are on a new project and objective to create a mobile hacker-space (pirate boat), and squat anywhere anytime anything, to reinforce our emancipatory and radical struggles or those we support

Showing solidarity with AntiRep!Net means supporting struggles; re-distribution and sharing of resources; mutual aid to get out of precaution… In some sens it means fighting back oppressive systems and creating a culture of resistance and self-defense against repression !

In showing financial or material support to AntiRep!Net or just to spread the word about it, is helping us :

Our objectives are focused on helping struggles and individuals by different types of support. Stimulating support for for anarchist prisoners and (h)activists or their projects that engage in emancipatory struggles/projects around the world which need financial support or that need help in spreading calls for support.

Who is making this call for AntiRep!Net support?

The project is maintained by (not-so) anonymous anarchists, hackers and pirates. Some with no steady (legal) income. Some that are declared apatride (Statelessness) and have to live in clandestinity faced to continuous state repression and trials. AntiRep!Net is maintained by all those that make it exist trough support and solidarity, which could mean, by you. We, those who started with the project “AntiRep!Net”, work with a lot of heart and love for common liberation and self-managed emancipation towards autonomy from an anarchist viewpoint. We tend to work, creatively, with very limited financial or material resources, always in danger of confiscation and sabotage. Mostly we get support from small spontaneous donations of those that visited the squats in la ZAD. We have always put our skills to good use in sharing and maintaining complex tools, some of the collective “tech” structures and gather recuperated material resources for redistribution. We exchange our knowledge in small workshops and trough exchanges for radical (H)Activism and other rebellious or liberating activities. 
Help the AntiRep!Net grow and resist repression and to push back all forms of oppression, from all sides, anywhere ! We are always looking for reinforcements (online and on la ZAD). Mail Us !

Ways for financial support

Online options to support AntiRep!Net financially :

For the moment the technical (server+domain+tools) side costs around 600€/year + some funds we had went to prisoner support, printing, self-defense tools… but we reach all the time more or less the limit of the resources, we constantly need support to keep going, our efforts are constantly under attacks and under pressure/repressions.

We are also looking into creating a mobile project (caravan or bus) that could be deployed in other territories of struggle. Which could hold several tool/activities for struggles and their resistances (resources for workshops, (digital) info/zine/manuals library, shared wifi, media projections, pirate radio, Anarchist Communications & Actions Broadcasting, etc)

Thank you very much <3 !

And if you can’t support us financially, don’t forget … you can just spread the word, print flyers, put on graffiti, help it exist and subvert our enemies ! If you come to la ZAD and want to meet us, send a email to or use the contact form, so we can reply and give you our directions, we don’t have a fixed position for the moment.

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