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The ugly face of #EU states: Fight back!

After many EU states closed their borders, the European far right is pushing to end rescue missions at the Mediterranean sea. In Germany politicians of the now openly far right CSU, one of the parties in Merkel’s federal government, call people on board of the rescue ship lifeline “human flesh”, speak about “asylum tourism” and want to send people back at the German/Austrian border. At the same time new police laws are introduced in several German states… (Image above: Austrian police training against border crossings, earlier this week in Spielfeld, Austria)

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

While the Austrian state pulled off a propaganda show with military and police training operations against “invading migrants” at the Austrian/Slovenian border in Spielfeld, the far right CSU is pushing their plan to send back people at the German/Austrian border. The German government could even fall over the issue in the coming days. For me that’s not a problem, but the openly inhuman and racist discourse in this power struggle is. 

More and more EU states are governed by far right parties or conservatives that adopted far right policies. Even many social democrats are adopting these policies. Many social democratic parties in the EU also started to adopt far right policies. While EU states continue to export arms to war zones, to flood local markets in the global south with their agricultural products and to send their sonar guided fishing armada to the African coast, they refuse to take responsibility for the devastating results of these policies. And I didn’t even speak about the deals with dictatorships around the globe. The deafening silence in the so-called “west” about human rights abuses or our responsibility for climate change. 

The problems are called racism and capitalism and a political system that is ruling people to safe capitalistic interests. The “democracy” show of many western states seems not able to handle the inner and outer contradictoriness anymore. Migrants and refugees are abused as scapegoats for a capitalist economy that is over it’s peak. On top of that the creation of new police laws in many EU states will also be used to target any kind of opposition. In France the extra powers of the police during the state of emergency is now implemented in new permanent police laws. In the German state Bavaria people now can be imprisoned without charges. Resistance against these new police laws is growing, but it’s important to step up the resistance on a new level.

I worked on many spots on the so-called Balkan route and I will continue to do so, but it’s not enough. Many EU states have started to deport more and more people, Italy and Malta closed their harbours for rescue ships and the level of state violence and repression in EU states is increasing. Especially against migrants and refugees, but also against other people. It’s no coincedence that the first 10 people that are imprisoned without charges under the new Bavarian police law are refugees. The federal German minister of interior, Horst Seehofer, demanded that the rescue ship Lifeline will be confiscated when it docks in Malta. He also demanded criminal investigations against the life savers on the Lifeline ship. More and more people are starting to realize that they are governed by inhuman politicians with an authoritarian and racist agenda. 

These are dark days and it looks like they will get even more dark. But as more and more governments of EU states are showing their ugly faces, there are also chances for a self-organized resistance. Many people are fed up with the racist discourse, not just in many of the EU states. The wave of resistance against the ICE in the US are just an example. Maybe this isn’t going far enough for many anti-authoritarian people and groups, but we have to start somewhere. We need to be much louder and we have to take back the initiative. We need to shift the openly racist discourse in another direction. Therefore we need to take the streets, visit party offices and disrupt the deportation machine. 

As I wrote above I will also continue my work with the Cars of Hope collective on the Balkan route. At the moment we work mostly on the Bosnian/Croatian border. We do Border monitoring and report what’s going on at the borders of EU states, but we also organize practical support of people who are subject to police violence and who are suffering while they are stuck at the closed EU borders.

We urgently need financial support to maintain the supplies for refugees and to be able to keep on building emergency shelters in Bosnia.

Please donate for food, tents and other things for everyday life.

Our  bank account details:

Bank: Volksbank in Bergisches Land

Account holder: Hopetal e.V.

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IBAN: DE51 3406 0094 0002 9450 87


Mutual Aid: Support Refugees in Bosnia

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