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#NRW Germany: Against the new police law and its world – a call to take action!

Yesterday about people took the streets in Bielefeld and Bonn (both Germany) to protest against the new police law in the German state North-Rhine Westphalia. Many demonstrations and other actions take place at the moment. On July 7 there will be a big demo in Düsseldorf (July 7, 01:00pm – 13:00 – DGB Haus, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 34-38, Düsseldor). Although the stat government announced that state parliament will not vote on the new police law until after the summer break, people are calling to come to Düsseldorf at July 7 anyway. Here is a call by the Anarchist Group Dortmund.

Originally published by Anarchistische Föderation Rhein Ruhr. Machine translation edited by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Update: The state government of North-Rhine Westphalia announced that the new police law has just been delayed until after the summer break! Of course, come to Dusseldorf anyway and get active!

The NRW state government plans a massive tightening of the police law. Even before the parliamentary summer break, it should pass without much discussion. The new police law makes it possible to arrest and search people without specific charges, to take preventive custody or house arrest for up to a month. Police should be allowed to hack smartphones to read messengers like WhatsApp – not only from alleged suspects, but also in their social environment. In addition, the video surveillance of public space will be expanded.

The social context

The competencies of the police are also to be expanded in many other Germanstates; In Bavaria, the hardest police law since 1945 was implemented on May 25th. These initiatives are to be seen against the background of a general authoritarian development in politics and society, which shows itself not least in an intensified repression against all those who rebel against the existing conditions. This was evidenced, for example, in the brutal crackdown by the police during the G20 summit in Hamburg – which was ultimately unsuccessful – in attempting to prevent any manifestation of resistance on the streets. After the summit, the state endeavors to intimidate those who seek fundamental change by using public search warrants, which the springer press readily spread, prohibiting an oppositional Internet platform (, exemplary punishments and house searches that continue to this day.

Even an anarchist friend from Nürnberg will probably be imprisoned soon. His crime was that he, along with many other students and supporters, resisted the deportation of a classmate to Afghanistan.(Information on the solidarity campaign for the comrade: ) These are just two examples taken out, the list could be continued endlessly…

The new police law will provide such state repression with expanded possibilities. We are all affected by this. Whether it’s football ultras, anarchists, environmental activists, radical feminists, hackers or graffiti artists – this law is ultimately directed against all those whose concepts of freedom and forms of action do not fit into those of adjusted wage slaves who diligently increase the gross national product.

Conversely, this legislative proposal also provides a good opportunity for all these milieus of very different people to finally cross the boundaries of their respective scenes, get in touch with each other, network and come together in a common resistance against this state attack, a group of those who are affected certainly not will be able to fend off alone.

How can the law be prevented?

The previously planned information events, local rallies and the big demo in the state capital will hardly stop the new police law. A look back in recent history might make this clear: One of the few major government projects that has recently been hampered by popular opposition in Europe was the labor market reform “CPE” in France in 2006. At that time, it took three months of university and school occupations, Road and rail blockades, riots and strikes involving millions of students, students and workers alike forced the government to give in.

What is clear about this example is not only that it is necessary to find methods of social struggle that lie outside the official spectacle of politics. Above all, however, the French movement at that time could only become so powerful because it was about much more than just the prevention of a single reform. At that time, the new labor law was – at least for the more radical parts of the movement – in reality only an occasion to rebel against the world of wage labor, domination and the commodity in all its aspects. Without the desire to live a completely different life, those involved never had the courage and energy to prevent at least this deterioration of the quality of their lives.

Not only against the police law – against all authorities

It can not be our sole concern to prevent the currently planned police law. We do not want to defend the liberal constitutional state against authoritarian developments that it produces because of its own contradictions. Even under liberal conditions, it is a “normal” task  for the police to throw people out of their homes if they can not pay the rent, to prevent the have-nots from taking the things they need to live from the bulging department stores or want to have and to deport people in misery, if they do not comply with the residence regulations of the authorities. Ultimately, the job of the police is simply to maintain and protect existing ownership and hierarchies. Even the most liberal police becomes uncomfortable when people deliberately question the capitalist conditions or aspects of them. For example, when ten vacant buildings and land lounges were recently occupied in Whitsun in Berlin, the readiness cops of the Red-Red-Green Senate beat the squatters out the same day. The defense of sacred property is also the highest duty of the city government, who likes to be socially and tenant-friendly. This shows that we do not need a more social state and no more liberal police – we have to abolish both!

For a world without state and capital

Of course, we are accused of  being naive by many: Unfortunately without the police it’s not possible because humans are aggressive and selfish and can only be coerced by force to abide rules. Certainly, for people who are forced to live under existing conditions, this may be true: Given the general competition for jobs, housing, and opportunities for advancement in the capitalist market, the individual often has little choice but to ruthlessly pursue his own interests. And in the face of our isolation, which has hardly left any solidary connections, we often have nothing in common but to call the police in conflicts.

But if such behaviors are declared invariable human beings, this is nothing more than a projection of social relations into nature. That this view is so prevalent today shows how well the state has managed to wipe out the knowledge of emancipatory movements and rebellious communities of the past, and how much it has stunted our social imagination.

Nevertheless, we maintain the hypothesis that a society without coercion and exploitation is possible and desirable. Let’s fight to prove the truth of this hypothesis in practice! Take the protest against the new police law as an opportunity to organize ourselves to fight against the world, which has produced this law and needs to continue its devastating run in the future!

Join the anti-authoritarian and anarchist block at the mass demonstration against the police law NRW in Dusseldorf on July 7! More information about our block will follow. You can find all information about the demo at: See you under the black and red flags!

Your group wants to officially support our call? Send us an e-mail to: We are planning to put a supporters list under the call.

Anarchist Group Dortmund in June 2018

The anarchist bloc will march behind the “Nationalism Is No Alternative” (NIKA) bloc on July 7. The anarchists will march as a block to the demo. Pre-meeting place is 12:40pm opposite of the main tran station (Hbf) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Video of yesterdays demonstration against the new police law in Bielefeld:

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