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#Portland: Solidarity with Patriot Prayer Counter Protesters and Resisters!

In Portland, OR, on June 30, Joey Gibson, Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, Nazis, and the usual assortment of alt-right nationalists showed up to hold a “Freedom & Courage Rally” at Terry Schrunk Plaza at 4 pm. Portland Anarchist Black Cross reports that beloved community activist and longtime advocate against racism Matt Braddock is reportedly facing several years in prison after the June 30th counter-protests.

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Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Support the arrestees from Portland! Donate here.

The build up to this event has been a series of protests and counter-protests for the past 2 years, resulting in the occasional skirmishes between protesters and fascists (commonly aided by Portland Police Bureau). Days before the June 30th “rally”, chatter amoungst the attending alt-right and fascists strongly suggested and promoted an all out attack on counter protesters. Assisted by the initial shielding of DHS and PPB riot police, the fascists charged through openings in the police line that were granted to them BY THE POLICE. The violence that ensued is shocking to say the least, with imagery depicting levels of state-sanctioned street brutality against counter protesters reminiscent of the historical rise of fascist powers.

This violence has been costly to some of our comrades. Several arrests and serious injuries have thus far been reported, and the fear of future arrests for attendance and alleged actions taken by counter protesters is on many of our minds. The bravery of local counter protesters and antifascists must be recognized through the support of the community!

Donations will be used to assist in legal and other related expenses for those alleged counter-protesters arrested during the June 30th “Rally”. Any additional or unused funds will be donated to Rose City Antifa for their fundraiser for medical expenses related to the violence on June 30th.

FreeMatt1.pngBeloved community activist and longtime advocate against racism Matt Braddock is reportedly facing several years in prison after the June 30th counter-protests against Patriot Prayer in Portland Oregon. Matt is being charged with Assault 3 and Robbery 2 and is currently being held at the Multnomah County Justice Center in Downtown Portland. We believe Matt is being targeted for their vocal stance against the violent street intimidation, and anti-immigrant hate mongering of right-wing extremist groups like Vancouver based Patriot Prayer. Matt is a veteran of the United States Army and has served in Iraq. Matt has dedicated his life to standing up to oppression and racism. It’s time we get Matt’s back and demand they drop the charges and #FreeMatt. Matt’s bail is set at $250,000. Please donate to our support fundraiser for folks like Matt and others facing hardship after the recent mobilization against Patriot Prayer.

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