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#NOPolGNRW #Duesseldorf:”A mass demonstration against the police law like in Munich will not be allowed to happen here”

The coalition “No to the new police law NRW” expect thousands of protesters on Saturday July 7, in Duesseldorf, Germany (capital of the German state North-Rhine Westphalia). People will protest against the planned new police law in North-Rhine  Westphalia. However, police authorities are hampering the demonstration by over-expansive and disproportionate conditions. In an article in the daily newspaper Neues-Deutschland, Thomas Eberhardt-Köster, the person who registered the demo said: “A mass demonstration against the police law like in Munich will not be allowed to happen here.” The demonstration in Munich was peaceful.

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In the entire demonstration only two sound trucks are allowed to drive at the beginning and at the end of the demo. In addition, there is the requirement that recognizably drunk people should be removed from the assembly line from the demonstration.

“The police prohibit us sound trucks within the demonstration, so that a quick police intervention in the demo is possible. This reasoning is scandalous for us. Why does the police assume that is necessary? This is a first class example of advance criminalization  by police authoroities of constitutionally protected behavior that we’re taking to the streets on Saturday, “says Michèle Winkler, spokeswoman for the coalition.

However, the “No to the new Police Law NRW” coalition filed a lawsuit against these conditions and has requested accelerated proceedings at the Düsseldorf Administrative Court.

Thomas Eberhardt-Köster, who registeredthe demonstration, said: “We can only rate the disproportionate requirements of the police as a bullying and attempt to intimidate. They are a prime example of the criticism we have about the planned police law. They massively restrict the exercise of fundamental rights. We want a colorful and creative protest, the conditions hinder us. It is significant that we have to take legal action in order to be able to express our criticism of this anti-constitutional police law effectively. “
Attorney Jasper Prigge, who represents the coalition before the Administrative Court, states: “The requirement that loudspeaker cars should not drive in the assembly limits the right of the assembly to self-determination. Restrictions are only allowed to the police if there is a specific danger to public safety or order. In addition, if the person who registered the demonstration is given the task of ensuring that identifiable alcoholics or intoxicated persons are denied access to the meeting, he is required to do something that is impracticable. This condition is extremely vague, because it is not clear when a person is so drunk or intoxicated that they may no longer attend the demonstrationg.”

In their conditions order police authorities of Düsseldorf wrote: “Your gathering with the subject <<No to the new police law NRW! No attacvk against our freedom and basic rights!>> brings an immediate danger to public security and order because this could be used as a protest against alleged police violence respectively police sovereign power.”

The new police law in NRW will make it possible for the cops to pre-emptively detain peopole for a month without charges. The new police law also allows the cops to force people to move in another city or to force them not to leave the city. Again without charges. And there are many more new powers for the cops in this new law.

A spokesperson of the cops said that police authorities expect more than 10.000 people on Saturdays demonstration. The conditions the cops handed out to the demo organizers seem to indicate that the cops want to escalate the demo.

The demo will march!

The phone number of the legal team on Saturday (from 12:00) will be:  

0211 – 17807755

Be prepared!

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