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August 5 #Portland: Abolish ICE PDX!

The occupation of SW Macadam that initiated OccupyICEPDX was an organic human response to the abhorrent and inhumane treatment of innocent people seeking refuge and asylum in the United States. It was the foundation upon which a new arm of the movement would build, bringing ideas and principles long held to the forefront.

Originally published by Occupy ICE PDX Facebook page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The forceful eviction and the lies used by both police and media to discredit the occupation will not derail us, we know that if anything they signify the many layers of opposition that stand before us. 
Our Autonomous Zone was temporary. 
Our convictions are not.

We will not sway. 
We will not compromise. 
We will continue our fight to Abolish ICE. 
We must stay fluid in this fight as we move into the second stage.

First, we act locally, Portland is a sanctuary city. 
We demand it stay a sanctuary city! 
We demand that the city stop working with DHS, ICE, or any federal agents, and withdraw immediately from the Joint Terrorism Task Force as is promised under sanctuary status.

Additionally, Measure 105 to repeal Oregon’s Sanctuary State Status will be on the ballot in November. We demand that Mayor Wheeler, the city council, our senators and any politicians of good conscience vocally oppose this xenophobic measure.



We activate into the next stage of the #AbolishICE movement. 
We will gather as a community in a noise demonstration and vigil. 
We will continue these gatherings daily until ice is out of Portland and we #AbolishICE

We will not back down as children are being kidnapped and families destroyed, as people are denied their right to movement and wrongfully incarcerated for existing as Black or Brown in this country.
Join us on the right side of history every day at Portland city hall at 5pm.

#AbolishICE #Chingalamigra #AbolishALLprisons #OccupyICEpdx


Mutual aid: Support refugees in Bosnia

Two people of the Enough is Enough team joined the Cars of Hope collective in Bosnia to work together with refugees to provide mutual aid and to produce independent border monitoring reports from the Bosnian/Croatian border. Read our reports from Bosnia: here.

We urgently need financial support to maintain the supplies for refugees and to be able to keep on building emergency shelters.

Please donate for food, tents and other things for everyday life.

The Cars of Hope bank account details:

Bank: Volksbank in Bergisches Land

Account holder: Hopetal e.V.

Description: Cars of Hope

IBAN: DE51 3406 0094 0002 9450 87


Mutual Aid: Support Refugees in Bosnia

Support the work with refugees in Bosnia.


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