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#Hambacher Forest: Arrests and confiscation of a minibus on 08/22

Hambacher Forest: On 8/22 two humans and a dog tried to leave the meadow camp with a van to bring food to the external emergency kitchen (for the time of the evacuation and grubbing of the Hambach Forest). For one of the people around here, this equipped minibus is the only living space he has got.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

It is also used as a mobile KüFA (Kitchen For All) under the name “Alf Partout”. From the camp on the bus was followed by various police vehicles. Shortly before the petrol station in Buir, the police requested the bus by loudspeaker to stop. This request was fulfilled. Subsequently, the occupants were searched under firearms use and their personal data were checked. (Of course, also threatening with a weapon is a use of it, even if the police prefers more harmless terms.) The bus was inspected from the outside. Under the initial pretext of a general traffic control, four to six police officers aimed their service weapons directly at the faces. Despite the heat, the police temporarily forbade the arrested persons to drink.

Another car was stopped and the occupants threatened with firearms.

In addition, other people nearby were checked because they “looked like they belonged to them”. These people were partially sent away. When one of them asked how far he should go, the answer was “out of the sphere of influence”. When he asked for clarification, this was answered with “out of sight”.

The the police justified the measure, claiming that the bus was been seen the day before just before a hundred-strong police unit was attacked with Molotov cocktails, among others. After some time, the police found objects in the bus from which according to them Molotov cocktails could be built. (In fact, this was a roll of toilet paper, plastic cups and a canister of diesel, serving as a spare can for the vehicle. And diesel is unusable for Molotov cocktails…). Therefore, the ioccupants of the bus are considered under suspicion.

After some time, the co-driver of the bus was taken to the police HQ in Aachen, where he spent several hours in a cell. The police wanted to make a so-called “Fast ID”, a measure in which the prints of index and middle finger of both hands are scanned. Since this person refused to cooperate, police threatened to use violence. However, no action was taken. After a few hours, the person was released. Here it shows again that it is worthwhile to fight against police measures!

The driver of the bus was not brought away, as the police wanted to examine the bus. The driver denied a volunteer search to uphold his rights. Then the search could not take place because they lacked a judicial decision. After a few hours, the bus was towed away and taken to the police HQ in Aachen.

Next day (09/23) the police refused, after consultation by telephone with superiors, any seizure records as well as information about the further measures of the planned search and seizure.


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