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Two nights of fascist terror in #Chemnitz, Germany

After a 35 year old man was stabbed in Chemnitz, Germany on Saturday, fascists exploited his death and started to hunt migrants and people who looked like “leftwing” people on Sunday. Yesterday around 8000 fascists terrorized the city that was used to be called Karl-Marx-Stadt. The cops watched it all happen and mostly did not interfere.

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

As usual the fascists didn’t care much about facts. After the stabbing several fascist groups claimed that there was an argument about sexual harrasment before the stabbing on Saturday. Although the cops and the state prosecution denied that the stabbing took place after a case of sexual harrasment, the fascistscontinued to spread this fakenews. 

On Sunday more than 1000 fascists took the streets of Chemnitz and started to hunt migrants and other people. The cops lost control because the state government and local authorities simply did not send enough reinforcements in the country that sended more than 10.000 cops to crack down the G20 protests in Hamburg last year. 

Several people were injured on Sunday night and the fascists announced new “protests” for Monday night. On Monday afternoon the state government of Saxony announced that the “protests” are bad for the image of Saxony. So that seemed all the state government was worried about. On Monday afternoon the cops announced that they were well prepared to prevent similar attacks like on Sunday night. Well… they were not.

On Monday night the fascists started to gather around the Karl Marx statue in Chemnitz. Their numbers were growing and growing. In opposite of Karl-Marx-Platz (square) a gathering of counter protesters also started to grow. In between a few cops, in total around 300. 300 cops after 1000 fascists terrorized the city on the night before…

Around 06:00pm two counter protesters grabbed a banner at Karl-Marx-Platz. At that time the number of fascists was about 500.

The fascists were outnumbered by the 2000 counter protesters but that started to change. The fascists gathering was growing and growing. At it’s peak there were more than 7500 fascists on the streets of Chemnitz. Apart from Hitler salutes directly in front of the cops (who did not interfere), many fascists started to threaten migrants, journalists and counter protesters.

At 06:46pm the fascists started marching, but were pushed back to the square again. Because of the high turnout the fascists had not enough stewards and the cops did not allow them to start marching. 

But it was clear that the cops would not be able to stop the fascists, there were too many of them. Again hitler salutes and threats. Again the cops did not interfere.

One of the fascist banners (image below) showed images of victims of fascist attacks with the text “We are colorful until the blood splashes”. The fascists attacked counter protesters, first people got injured.


Around 08:00pm the fascists started marching. Thousands of them. In Germany the cops normally disperse a gathering when people are wearing masks, but not yesterday. Not when fascists are marching. Although the cops tweeted that many people were masked and even that people were digging out stones, the fascists could march.

At 08:20pm the demo stopped in front of a house. Inside the house there was a counter protester. The fascists chanted “Get him out!”. The cops did… nothing. Again.

At 08:49pm the fascists threatened a camera team. Many journalists were threatened in Chemnitz yesterday.

Shortly after that the fascist demo reached it’s official final point: Karl-Marx-Platz again. But several groups continued marching.

The fascists started to prepare themselves for another night of attacks in Chemnitz.

More an more reports about fascist attacks came in.

The fascists again and again broke police lines and attacked counter protesters and other people. Some people were ambushed before they were attacked.

The fascists also kept on threatening journalists. At one point almost all journalists left the streets and stopped reporting. The fascists were chasing people in the streets and the cops completely lost control. It was to dangerous to report. The fascists take over control on the streets of Chemnitz.

It’s too early to analyse what exactly happened in the past two days and the political consequences. But it’s clear that the German fascists feel stronger than ever before, after local authorities and the state government of Saxony decided to send only about 300 cops to Chemnitz yesterday.

In polls in Saxony the fascist AFD party reached 25% and with the upcoming state elections next year the fascist party could be part of a coalition government. In Bavaria parts of the CSU (now also far right) are already discussing the possibility of forming a coalition government with the AFD after the Bavarian state elections in October. 

Some fascists announced a new mobilization for today, this time in Dresden, Germany. According to @antifa_dresden they couldn’t find anything on the wellknown fascist pages about todays mobilization. the call for today came from a fascist page with little reach. But the antifa group also writes that this musst not mean anything in Saxony. For updates follow Twitter hashtag #DD2808.

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  1. it was only one antifascist who grabbed the banner. the other guy in the video is one of the fascists who hang up the banner. and he handed over the antifascist to the cops.

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