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No Counter protests against fascist mobilization in #Chemnitz today

The Chemnitz Nazifrei alliance announced that they will not mobilize to counter protests in Chemnitz against todays fascist mobilization in the German city. The fascist mob and the inaction of the police managed to intimidate the allience. 

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

After two nights of fascist terror in Chemnitz, Germany earlier this week, fascists are mobilizing again to the city that was called Karl-Marx-Stadt in the former DDR. Later today state prime minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer (CDU), will visit Chemnitz and fascists want to “protest” against his visit. 

The fascist party “Pro Chemnitz” registered the “protest”, the same party that registered similar events earlier this week.

The Chemnitz Nazifrei alliance published the following statement on their Facebook page:

Dear folks,

We receive many requests at the moment what counter protests we are planning against tomorrows (today, the statement was published yesterday August 29, EIE) cally by “Pro Chemnitz”. 

After Monday’s events we, the Chemnitz Nazifreo alliance, decided not to call for counter protests tomorrow (today, EIE). The situation is so perfidious that we can hardly believe it ourselves, but we assessed the events and came to the following decision:

The demonstration on Monday showed us that the police is not willing or able to guarantee our basic right to assemble and physical integrity. From the side of the state government in Saxony and in particular from state prime minister Michael Kretschmer we see no will to an improvement of the situation. In our view, dismissing every form of critique to the police and demanding more engagement from civil society will not solve the problem. Due to the aggressiveness and high potential for violence that came from the participants of both (far right, EIE) demonstrations on Sunday and Monday night, we think it is irresponsible to call for a demonstration at the stadium tomorrow (today, EIE). We hope you can understand this decision. Of course we cannot  let far right protests just happen. But we also have to take responsibility for what we are calling for.

After the signals by the police of Saxony on Monday, that they were not able to protect our gathering because of understaffing, we don’t want to bring ourselves in the same situation like we were on Monday. 

Nevertheless we are preparing a broad and big protest for Saturday, September 1! More information about that will be available tomorrow at noon (today, EIE), here (Warning Facebook link).

Finally we are happy that we can announce that the band Madsen will play on our demonstration on Saturday. Thank you for that!

Chemnitz Nazifrei alliance, August 29, 2018

Many people compare the situation in Chemnitz with the pogrom in Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992. But the current situation is different. The fascist mob that chased migrants and leftwing people in Chemnitz is supported by the fascist AFD, which is represented in many local-, state- and federal parliaments. Although many AFD mep’s condemn the violence they stated again and again that they “understand” the people who participated in the fascist demonstrations in Chemnitz and that Angela Merkel is resposible. Last night prominent CDU member Wolfgang Bosbach appeared in a late night show (Maischberger) on German public ARD tv and said similar things about the fascist mob in Chemnitz. Of course the AFD was also invited to the tv show. In 1992 the AFD didn’t even exist but in 2018 they are just one of many fascist parties in the EU member states. Many of them, like Fidesz (Hungary) or Lega (Italy) to name just two, are part of the government in these EU member states. 

The antifascist resistance in Germany is weakened. There are still many active antifa groups who do a lot of great work. But we are not as many anymore as we used to be. So-called leftwing liberals are often part of local alliances and preach peaceful actions and often rely on the police. Although the police again and again showed that they are not the ones that are going to protect us from fascist violence. Not just in Chemnitz. Instead the police enforce deportations and patrol EU borders to stop people from entering the European Union. The list of police violence and repression against antifascists is endless and the role of German security services in the fascist NSU terror group is pretty clear.

But there are still people who rely on the police. It is understandable that it won’t be possible to reorganize antifascist resistance for todays fascist mobilization in Chemnitz, but after the decision of the Chemnitz Nazifrei alliance it must be clear to everybody that we have to discuss the reorganization of antifascist resistance in the German territory and that people have to stop relying on police. We have to (re)organize our own defence against fascist terror and promote self-organization.

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