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September 1: Enough is Enough! All out to #Chemnitz! Confront the fascist mob!

Many antifascist groups and initiatives are mobilizing to Chemnitz, Germany to confront two fascist marches that are announced for tomorrow. 

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In the past days a racist mob again and again abused a deadly stabbing in Chemnitz, Germany. The mob targetted and hunted migrants and other people that don’t fit in their fascist world view

On Sunday and Monday the police lost control over the city. Many migrants were attacked and on Monday fascists attacked an antifascist counter protest. Bottles and firecrackers were thrown and militant fascists again tried to break through police lines and were sneaking through the inner city and around the antifascist gathering. The cops were not able or not willing to get control again and therefore the antifascists had to concentrate on the protection of the counter gathering.

Of course we should have no illusions about the role of the state and the police. At the same time that the racist mob hunted people in Chemnitz, thousands of cops are deployed in the Hambacher forest near Cologne. For the German state it’s more important to enforce the interest of energy giant RWE, than to protect migrants and other people that are being attacked by fascists. We can not rely on the state and it’s lackeys in uniform, so we have to protect ourselves.

Antifascists in Chemnitz are working hard but decided not to mobilize for yesterdays third fascist gathering. After an assessment about the local structure and intensity of the fascist attacks in Chemnitz, local antifascist groups decided not to mobilize for a counter protest yesterday but to concentrate on Saturday, September 1. Of course it is important always to confront fascists but there was a reasonable fear that we would not have been able to protect ourselves yesterday. 

We understand and respect the decision of the local antifascists not to mobilize for counter protests yesterday. But having said that, it also means we need to reorganize and debate our tactics and strategies. The far right is growing and growing across Europe (and the U.S.) and so is the need to fight back.

Antifascist groups across the German territory are mobilizing to Chemnitz for tomorrow, Saturday the 1st of September. We will not back down, we will continue to confront fascists in Chemnitz and elsewhere.

The fascist “Pro Chemnitz” party is mobilizing for a gathering at 16:00. The fascist AFD party and Pegida are mobilizing for a demo at 17:00. One of the speakers at the AFD/Pegida rally will be Björn Höcke. an AFD representative for state parliament in the German state Thuringia. Höcke gave a speech in Dresden in January 2017, in which, referring to the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, he stated that “we Germans are the only people in the world who have planted a memorial of shame in the heart of their capital,” and suggested that Germans “need to make a 180 degree change in their commemoration policy”.

The antifascist counter gathering will start at 16:00 on the Johannisparkplatz in Chemnitz.

Antifascist groups are advising not to come alone. Travel in big groups. For people coming with cars it is adviced to park their car in Dresden, Halle (Saale) or Leipzig. 

Dresden: People will meet at Dresden main train station (Hbf): 13:30 (Train leaves at 13:52).

Halle (Saale): People will meet at the main train station (Hbf) on platform 13: 13:00 (Train leaves at 13:21).

Leipzig: People will meet at the main train station (Hbf) on platform 23: 14:00 (Train leaves at 14:20).

More information about tomorrows counter protests (German):

If you have questions about places to sleep or organozation, you can write an email to: (PGP)

Some of the Enough is Enough collective, August 31, 2018.


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