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Reportback from #Chemnitz on September 1

A report from Chemnitz last Saturday. The fascist AFD/Pegida demo could only march a few hundred meters before they were stopped by antifascist blockades. But.. still… the fascists outnumbered us again. Tonight more than 50.000 people joined the free concert against fascism.

Published by Enough is Enough. 

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

On our way to Chemnitz we saw the first fascists on the highway. Members of the motor cycle gang “Stahlpakt” (English: The “pact of steel“) were also on their way to the city that was called Karl-Marx-Stadt in DDR times. We also passed a bus full of AFD fascists on the highway. The bus had licence plates from a city in Nordrhine Westphalia. 

We arrived in Chemnitz without any checks by cops or confrontations with fascists. After a short break we started to walk to the antifascist gathering at Johannisplatz. During a prepatory meeting we assessed that getting to and leaving the antifascist gathering would be risky and of course the night hours. Most fascist attacks against migrants and leftwing people took place before and after the fascist gatherings

In Dresden cops esclataed already at the main station (Hbf). They blocked the entrance of a train to Chemnitz, about 60 antifascists had to stay in Dresden. In Leipig about 1000 antifascists managed to get into a train to Chemnitz. A second train would bring another 450 people to Chemnitz later.

On our way to Johannisplatz we saw some fascists, but they ignored us. When we arrived at the antifascist counter gathering, about 1000 people were already there. More and more people arrived, at it’s peak there were about 4000 people. The gathering of the fascist Pro Chemnitz party started soon after we arrived at the counter protest. About 2500 people came to the first fascist gathering. Later they moved to join the AFD/Pegida demo. The second fascist demo outnumbered the counter protests: about 6000 people joined the fascist AFD. We were outnumbered again.

Shortly after the cops stopped the antifascists that came with a second train from Leipzig, antifascists blocked the route of the AFD/Pegida demo at Bahnhofstrasse.

Cops did everything they could to isolate the blockade. They were wearing helmets now and sealed off the antifascist gathering so people couldn’t join the blockade. But that changed after a large group of antifascists went after a group of fascists that broke police lines. The fascists had to run (You can see them running in the video in the tweet below). The cops tried to get control again and therefore had to give up the line between the antifascist gathering and the blockade. Hundreds removed the police fence and joined the blockade.

The cops announced three times that people had to give-up the blockade and leace Bahnhofstrasse or they would cleart the blockade. But people stayed on the street and did not give up the blockade. On the other side of Bahnhofstraße fascists approached the antifascist gathering. The started to beat up one antifascist, that was about 200 meters from the antifascist gathering. Antifa activists immediately reacted but the cops protected their friends. The person who was attacked had to be treated from demo medics (image below).

Probably because of their big image problem after allowing fascists to hunt migrants, journalists and leftwing people in the past week, the cops did not clear the  blockade. Instead the cops dissolved the AFD/Pegida demo on Saturday. During the fascist demo many journalists were attacked. The cops often did not interfere (Tweets below)

The fascist could only march a few hundred meters and then they were stopped because of the blockade. After the bitter pill we had to swallow on Thursday, we managed to stop the fascist AFD/Pegida.  The fascists attacked dozens of journalists and camera teams in the afternoon, more attacks happened in the night hours. While the cops kettled about 200 antifascists near the main train station, fascists started a series of attacks. Members of the social-democratic SPD were attacked after they left the antifascist gathering. Yes… some social-democrats were also their. It seems that not all of them are aware that the SPD is part of the problem with their support for deportations and the EU border regime. 

We also started to walk back to our base in Chemnitz. Some fascists were scanning us, but they didn’t seem to be sure if we were antifascists or not and did not attack us. There were fascist groups everywhere. At one point we joined a bigger antifascist group and walked back together with them. Fascists started to follow the group and soon cops walked between our group and the fascists. The fascists stopped following us after a few hundred meters and a little bit later the cops also left. 

At Matthestrasse a group of antifascists was suddenly kettled by cops, but soon they< were released again. It wasn’t clear to us why they were kettled in the first place. The free space Kompott at Leipziger Strasse was also surrounded by cops. It was unclear to us if the cops were there to protect Kompott for a possible fascist attack or for other reasons. The cops retreated again from Kompott, a few vans stayed on the other side of Leipziger Strasse, this was probably indeed a measure to protect Kompott.

In the mean time fascists continued to attack people, a few refugees were also attacked (Video in Tweet below). We don’t know exactly how many people were attacked on Saturday, but there were many fascist attacks.

Some attacks were prevented by antifascists who intervened. There was also an antifascist security concept that we won’t describe here (cops can read), but that also might have preveted some fascist attacks. Too strong antifascist presence seem to demotivate fascists to attack.

All in all it was good that we managed to block the march, but we were not able to stop all fascist attacks, especially in the night hours on Saturday.  Apart from the fascist protests in Chemnitz, 700 fascists marched in Plauen (also in the German state of Saxony) on September 1.

Right now, on Monday September 3, thousands of people joined a free concert against fascism. According to the cops there are 50.000 people on the concert (Where were they on Saturday? Why were we not able to mobize many of them?) The cops have forbidden two fascist gatherings against the concert tonight. But that doesn’t mean there are no fascists on the streets in Chemnitz tonight. At 18:59 tonight, cops removed a fascist from a roof next to the concert. The fascist was waving a “Reichskreigsflagge”, a nazi flag (Tweet below)

For updates about the situation in Chemnitz tonight follow the Twitter hastags #C0309 and #wirsindmehr or our Twitter account @enough14.

Image Gallery Saturday September 1:


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