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25 years lexicon of #anarchy -Time for a relaunch!

Established in 1993, founded by Hans Jürgen Degen lexicon of Anarchy has proven to be a sound reference book for both the Anarchy and Anarchism research and for the libertarian movement made a name. After the edited by Degen Print version the lexicon in 1996 had to be adjusted for cost reasons, have In 2006 the author * inside the lexicon in cooperation with the database the German Anarchismus (DadA) to develop a decided online version, which has since web address under the can be used free of charge on the Internet.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

From October 2018 Dr. Maurice Schumann as publisher in Cooperation with the previous editorial team as part of a Project relaunches the accelerated development of the online version of the care lexicon of anarchy. The new editor and the it is important previous author * inside the lexicon that in the lexicon of Anarchy continues all currents of anarchism, like the with kindred libertarian movement a platform for factual. For presentation of their theories and forms of action. serves as a model us the French-language Encyclopaedia Anarchiste ( ) of Sébastien Faure, which published 1930-1934.

What we do not want to in the articles of the dictionary, is the Controversy over the “correct” political point of view, looking at the world. Who another – political or technical – has vision, is to provide a Write your own contribution to the subject, in line with the motto: Each Post a / e Author * in and every subject of so many author * inside as are different points of view. This is the Sympathetic am Anarchism: We do not need us to a correct view of things some. For the anarchist way of seeing things is the Perspective of diversity, including diversity of opinion. In order to promote, for every item of the lexicon still open Discussion page for the discussion of the dictionary users * inside with each other and to exchange ideas with the lexicon author * inside can be used.

In order to optimize the quality of the lexicon, it is amplified in the future enter proofreading and content editing new posts. We are still looking new for the relaunch of the lexicon of anarchy Author * inside, to individuals, organizations and property and Historical themes of anarchism and anarchy informed Posts can / want to contribute. Suggestions are welcome with their own References Email be filed. decide on the admission. The publisher and the editorial team. In the medium term are also sought editor * inside for the development of trade journals.

We look forward to read from you!

Maurice Schuhmann, editor and Jochen Schmück for the previous project coordination

Contact and contact person is: Dr. Maurice Schuhmann .

2 thoughts on “25 years lexicon of #anarchy -Time for a relaunch!

  1. dozens of translation errors in this report.. why not at least correct the English?

    1. We don’t edit external submissiins

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