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Comrades in #Yogyakarta #Indonesia need your help for an Infoshop!

Submission from comrades who live on the Indonesian territory. They need support to build up an info shop.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Aftonomy Space (Coffee, Books, T-Shirts & Infoshop)in Yogyakarta. Fundraising for complete equipment in our Infoshop!

Aftonomi Space will be held by several anarchists who are currently in Yogyakarta. Space is certainly beneficial and anti-authoritarian, which is managed jointly in an autonomous, egalitarian and non-hierarchical manner. The issues we will discuss include: News of anarchist prisoners, Prison Strike, economic equality to the abolition of the work, gender and freedom of sexual orientation, and other socio-ecological problems, whether in the form of writing, art, or further social movements.

We openly say an anarchist group and of course we are not dogmatic about religious fundamentalists today. We are open to the participation of everyone, regardless of their background. However, we don’t want to be involved with any political parties, NGOs, or institutions. We are committed to making grassroots communities and communities organized properly.


Yogyakarta is a fairly large city in Indonesia and is one of the cities dubbed as a student city, which has many educational institutions from the elementary level to the university level, besides that Yogyakarta is also called the “Special Region” with their slogan (Yogyakarta is Special) due to the existence of a culture of monarchy-feudalism (Sultanate) which is sacred by the existing society and feudal hegemony that is so massive that it biases the political views of some activists who actually have “class consciousness” in Yogyakarta to the dominant ideology (Ideology that was agreed by the Sultan).

There is no doubt that Yogyakarta, which is dubbed as this student city, has several groups of people who understand about anarchism. Seeing so much a collective space in Yogyakarta is in line with the idea of anarchism but they are quite embarrassed or afraid to say they are part of the ideology. This is what has completely fragmented this anarchist movement (Yogyakarta and including all cities in Indonesia)

With that, we decided to set up a small coffee shop and Infoshop: Aftonomi Coffee and Book (Coffee, Books, Tshirt, and Infoshop). Aftonomi is inspired by the word Autonomy, more precisely in Greek (αυτονομία). We saw so massive the anarchist movement in Greece that we tried to find an autonomous translation in Greek.

Aside from being inspired by the anarchist tradition of making infoshops, we were also inspired by previous infoshop in Yogyakarta, namely: Libera Coffee and Book/Libera Community Space which previously became an gathering place for anarchists in Yogyakarta (especially in the North). This space will be the same as Libera Coffee and Book/Libera Community Space which organizes various activities, such as: meeting places for cultural and political initiatives, film screenings, libraries, publishers/sellers of anarchist literature, and building a more massive anti-authoritarian movement.

What are we doing

Aftonomi will also become a publisher and seller of anarchic literature, we are currently republishing the book Armed Joy – Alfedo M. Bonanno, and we are currently trying to translate “Stirner’s Critics – Max Stirner, Industrial Society and Its Future – Ted Kaczynski, and A Critique of Syndicalist Methods – Alfredo M. Bonanno, An Anarchist Manifesto  Max Nettlau. In addition we also work with several anarchist publishers and sell the books they publish. Aftonomy Space also functions as information for people who are interested in anarchist and radical thinkers.

Until now, individuals who will be active in Aftonomi Space are involved in many projects such as:

– Palang Hitam Indonesia/Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross
– Mayday (1 May 2018) in Yogyakarta which burned the police station and ended up with 69 comrades who were captured and 11 comrades became prisoners
– DIY Street Library
– An alternative school (Sekolah Langit) in the village of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.
– Book publishing
– Running counter-info sites: (not optimally active)

Libera Coffee and Book/Libera Community Space was previously a meeting place from various backgrounds: local anarchists and those from outside Indonesia, students, feminist activists, Marxists, even curious people. However, the Libera Coffe and Book/Libera Community Space cannot continue because of various things, one of which is related to the Mayday Action (May 1, 2018 in Yogyakarta. Since then we have started to separate because we have no alternative space and it is difficult to find a meeting place to share anything (including if there are anarchists from outside Indonesia who will come to Yogyakarta, for example in the near future: Australia, England and Sweden). Therefore, we restart to present an alternative space (Aftonomi Space) to carry out our various work projects.

Some people who will be involved in Aftonomi Space, mainly work as writers, freelance translators, illustrators, and baristas. Most of our income has managed to contribute a portion of our personal income to Infoshop.

We hope this brief introduction can convince you to help us.

What we need

At the moment we already have a place to do our activities (Nangka III Streets, Number 204, Krodan, Maguwharjo, Depok Districts, Sleman Regency, DIY), but we have obstacles to fill some of our needs to run our work projects saati (short term and long term). We need tables, bookshelves and some Coffee equipment to run Aftonomi Space into an autonomous and independent space. Which results we can expand our work projects.

Estimated cost of around USD 1,000. Therefore, we want to use your solidarity, either in the form of books, financial assistance, or assistance in spreading words.

There will be a thank you sign if you decide to help us. We will send a T-shirt from the Aftonomi or Prisons are for Burning by Palang Hitam Indonesia/ Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross. If you want to claim it, please contact:

Please donate here:

More information,
Instagram account: @aftonomi
Email: or

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