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Large-scale police operation in #Hambacher Forest – Solidarity action in #Athens #HambiBleibt

Germany: Today another large-scale police operation started in the Hambacher Forest. According to the cops they will not evict today, but in the past weeks the cops again and again destroyed a roof here and a house there during their operations in the forest. In Athens activists dropped banners in solidarity with the forest occupation. Tonight (05:00pm) there will be a demo on the German territory to Hambacher Forest.

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle. Image above by Twitter account @carlamller10

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The area around the Hambacher Forest was declared  as a so-called “danger zone” earlier this week. This basically means cops can search everybody who enters the forest. Even journalists. In the early morning hours today more and more cops arrived in the area (Video in tweet below).

The cops surrounded Hambacher Forest and some riot squats went into the forest. The field is also surrounded. Riot cops went to Oaktown, together with security personnel of energy giant RWE.

Shortly after 09:00am this morning RWE gave 10 minutes to pack private stuff and leave the forest. The answer was an unltimatum to RWE and the cops that they have 10 minutes to leave the forest “or we will use our masks”. The cops started to destroy things on the ground (images below). 

Images above: Cops at Oaktown this morning. Images by Twitter account @SWeiermann 

The police operation is ongoing and far from over. Follow hashtag #HambiBleibt and Twitter account @HambiBleibt  for updates. If you plan to go to Hambacher Forest to support people there, write down the following phone number of the legal team:  +49177 1897053. The legal team is 24/7 available. Dial this number only in case you see somebody arrested or to inform the legal team when you are released again.

Tonight (05:00pm) there will be a demo on the German territory to Hambacher Forest. Read the call here.

In Athens activists hung up a banner in solidarity with Hambacher Forest. Act for Freedom now published the following statement:

We hang a banner at Politechnio gate on Patision street as a minimum act of solidarity to the Hambacher Forst occupation.

“Hambach forest is an old growth forest in the west of germany. Everything what has evolved here over thousands of years is now being destroyed to make space for a continually expanding lignite coal mine. For decades people have been resisting this profit driven destruction and for five years the forest is occupied with treehouses.” (from

For almost a year now the repression at the forest has become greater, there is a danger of evacuation. People are gathering at the forest so that they can fight for it. We are sending our solidarity –


δαμάλα fera

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