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September 7: All out to #Chemnitz! Enough is Enough! #C0709

Fascists are mobilizing to Chemnitz again. Antifascists are mobilizing for counter protests. UPDATE NEW MEETING POINT: The antifascist counter gathering will start at 17:30 (05:30pm) at Stadthallenvorplatz (Stadthallenpark).

Originally published by C2708. Machine translation, edited by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Call for a counter-demo #c0709 +++ We stay here – active anti-fascist +++

To all committed anti-fascist activists

Tomorrow on Friday, September 7, the self-proclaimed fascist “civil rights movement” ProChemnitz has once again registered a demonstration.

Together with all people, we, the Chemnitz Nazifrei Alliance, again and resolutely confront fascist ideologies and right-wing instrumentalization. All who are outraged when people, or themselves, are driven through the streets because of their appearance or their views, which are contrary to the Nazis. Anyone who does not want to leave neo-Nazi protest uncommented and undisturbed –

and above all, those who want to tell about their utopia to fight for a world where there are many worlds and that is worth living for all of us.

We are all antifascists – regardless of skin color, origin, gender, class, milieu, age or educational level.

After Monday, we wonder if we are really more? Especially when no free concerts are announced and the Saxon reality catch up with us, continuous resistance is needed, as the broad society is silent, agrees or feels powerless. But misanthropic and discriminatory ideologies all affect us, even if not everyone is affected. We want a society in which there is room for everyone! As long as neo-Nazis and inhumane policies challenge us, we will resolutely fight and take the streets. 

We are the ones who, in the past, even without media hustle and justification pressure, without palliation of the city or pending application as a cultural capital, without wanting to profile themselves or their image, organized to oppose Nazis!

But we also hope of support from those who get loud as soon as they are worried about their image, their constituents or anything else – we urge you to join us civilly apart from economic or strategic calculations – antifascism means for us everyday affront to offer or to get, to be attacked and insulted everyday and to work continuously on oneself and the environment.

On Friday, we also want to carry our own content on the street and not just play the fire department. We’re there when it’s burning – we’re erasing our story of a society worth living in. To do this, we want to provide a stage for various actors to do what we sacrifice our time, power and resources for.

We are not intimidated, despite attacks by militant neo-Nazi and hooligan groups, despite the lack of police assistance. 

We are not taking our right to protest and making it harder, despite the harassment of state prosecution authorities and the lack of support from the city.

We do not dilute or take away our content, despite reactionary compulsion and stigmatization of left and left alternative thoughts.

We stay here – active anti-fascist and in solidarity with our fellow human beings!

Bündnis Chemnitz Nazifrei, September 6, 2018.

UPDATE NEW MEETING POINT: The antifascist counter gathering will start at 17:30 (05:30pm) at Stadthallenvorplatz (Stadthallenpark).

People from Dresden that want to travel to Chemnitz by train. Antifascists from Dresden meet at 15:30 (03:30p,) at the main train station (Hbf) in Dresden. Antifascists from Leipzig will meet at the main train station (Hbf)  in Leipzig. The train from Leipzig to Chemnitz will leave at 16:20 (04:20pm) sharp.

Follow @_C_Nazifrei  and the hashtag #C0709 on Twitter for updates about counter protests.


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