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Support the rural occupation in #Fraguas, spanish territory

Fraguas is a project of communautary rural renovation in the mountains in the north of Guadalajara (spanish territory). Since spring 2013, a group of humans, the Association of rural inhabitants of the northern mountain, are rebuilding the ruins of the ancient village, based on agro-ecological values, on collective self-governance and the will of opening new living spaces in a zone which suffers a lot from abandoning.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

During last years, they have been cleaning the streets and the paths, maintaining the fruit trees, rebuilding houses, improving the entrances and the water network from the springs… They have strenghtened the relationships with the surrounding villages at the same time as they were making the project growing and getting stronger with the help of numerous united persons.

The local council community of Castilla la Mancha is the owner of the mountain where is situated the village. During a short term of exchanges about the multiple possibilities that have been shared with the group of brave young ones, the local council community started a judicial process aiming to depopulate and demolish again Fraguas and to punish the new occupants (24 years of jail’s sentence and 63 500 euros’s fine).

Until today, the new occupants, full of dignity and hope, have kept working in the village, and have initiated a campaign of defense in order to keep Fraguas being a place where can meet the ancient savoir-faire and the future’s utopias ; where action make the doubt vanish and the hope be alive ; where people fit in their personnal, social and global ecosystem with respect.

We encourage you to visit the project ( and help spreading the information.

Attached files :

– How to help the occupation of Fraguas
– The manifesto for Fraguas : we, different collectives and rural associations, have written a text to support the comrades of the occupied village of Fraguas with whom we feel that we are close on many aspects. This text is part of a campaign with which, we, collectives, associations, etc…, give our support and demand to gain access to the land and to that chosen way of life. Therefore, we are against the penalization of our comrades. Please take the time to read the manifesto. To make it having more impact, it is important that you send back that document signed and scanned.

File: Manifiesto por Fraguas.pdf
File: manifeste pour fraguas.pdf

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