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Basque Country: Second disobedient march against an incinerator and for climate justice

After Limity jsme my (CZ) and Code Rood already had very successful second editions of their disobedient actions, Gipuzkoa Zutik, our friends from the Basque Country, will do a second disobedient march against an incinerator and for climate justice after their first action in 2017. The action will take place the 23rd of September 2018 and will be framed by a Climate Camp (21st-23rd of September), both in Zubieta near Donosti-San Sebastian.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Below you find their call for action and below is their mobilisation video(soon subbed in English). Follow them on twitter (@GipuzkoaZutik) and fb ( and of course take part if you can!


  • We say no to the waste incineration plant and that is why we have organized a popular and disobedient march to the ground where they are building it, despite nobody is asking for it.
  • On 23th September we will march for our lives against a project that represents the folly of the capitalistic politics in the Basque Country: a waste incineration plant beside a macro-jail.
  • It will be one of the biggest acts of climate disobedience to defend clean air and the right to breath it. Ordinary people from all over the Basque Country will gather in Zubieta, next to the city of San Sebastian. We will set out to reach the place and say it crystal clear we will not accept it.
  • We see that people around the world are rising up to stop the most dangerous projects. We see ourselves completely identified with the large wave of civil disobedience for climate justice. We want to send greetings to our friends of Ende Gelände, Code Rood, Limity Jsme My, Standing Rock, Hambach, all the people fighting incinerators all over the world..In this video you can see the march we did last year, inspired by Ende Gelände.

Our march will be an act of civil disobedience. We want to recycle much more, and there are many Zero Waste towns in the Basque Country showing it clearly we don’t need that enormous incinerator. It would be irresponsible to build a chimney while the Earth is on red alert because of the dangerous climate change we created. System change, not climate change. It would be of phallic stupidity to build a chimney which is going to make us sick through smoke and food. They try to silence protests through their phallic force (truncheons, rubber balls, ‘Gag law’ fines). It’s idiotic to see public administration broadcasting advertising reports on their propagandistic media, which are all smoke and mirrors, all of them, paid with public money.

Apart from being a great deal, it also is a way to prove whose is bigger; the politicians of the provincial government of Gipuzkoa want to show us who’s in charge. The 1% want to do business at the expense of public funds for the next 35 years. Cutbacks in social services and corrupt projects are the two sides of the same coin. It’s a token of current capitalism, which hangs over women: while those who benefit from building the waste incineration plant are the big rich white men, the incineration plant will hurt women the most, since it’s us who deal with family care. On top of that, cutbacks in social services made women have to burden more responsibility as far as care is concerned.

That’s why we fight together; we, the very same people you have cut back. Here we are, the very same people who have been paying our taxes day after day, those whose names are not on the Panama Papers, who don’t comply with the corruption of companies being investigated —such as Urbaser and Cuatrecasas. Here we are, the retired, the unemployed, the uncertain, the impoverished workers, the caretakers and household employees who are not even recognised as workers, the young you have sent to exile seeking unsafe jobs. We, who organized our productive life outside the labour market; we are the activists, those who earn a salary we can call “worthy”; here we are although you insist, time after time, on the “lack of money”, taking us for fools. There seems to be no money for retirement pensions, nor for the granted-basic-income aid, nor for those who are struggling, schools or public universities, the health-care system, the unemployed, social rentings… There seems to be no money to foster culture in Basque, nonetheless, there is more than enough for useless projects and taxes! We won’t let them steal our money. We must stop the crooked.


Errausketarik ez! No a la incineradora de San Sebastian! Say no to the incinerator in San Sebastian!


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