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#Antifa, September 22: Stop the fascist NVU in #Amsterdam!

On saturday the 22nd of september, the fascist party NVU (Nederlandse Volks Unie) wants to meet at the Stopera (Waterlooplein) in Amsterdam.

Originally published by Indymedia NL.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

To hide their openly racist and neo-fascist ideology, the NVU often uses alternative topics for their demonstrations. By using the theme “left-wing facism” at their coming manifestation, they want to present anti-fascism as a great danger to freedom of speech. This is ironically coming from a party that advocates an exclusively white Netherland and that promotes the fascist ideology of nazi Germany as a wanted alternative for our current society.

Laat Ze Niet Lopen calls out to resist this fascist manifestation. Come to Amsterdam and let yourself be heard against the nazi’s of the NVU!

Nederlandse Volks-Unie:
In 1971 the NVU was founded to rehabilitate war criminals of the NSB (the Dutch nazi party) and the SS. The NVU is outspokenly right-wing extremist. Strict race-laws, antisemitism and a national-socialist state are all part of the ideology of the party. In previous demonstrations NVU members wore nazi-symbolism like Wolfsangels, Swastikas, White Power logos and SS skulls. There was also a lot of participation of other neo-nazi organisations, like “Blood & Honour” and “Combat 18“ (both forbidden in Germany).

“Left-wing fascism”:
The Far-Right organises itself more often around the theme “Left-wing fascism” The ridiculous concept that antifascists are the new fascists and that antifascism is a threat to freedom of speech, is increasingly adopted by mainstream media. More than ever should we explain clearly what fascism is and what it’s not. Keep an eye on our announcements for more information on how to organise yourself against this.

Laat Ze Niet Lopen!:
Laat Ze Niet Lopen, an initiative against racism, calls out to resist far-right demonstrations and to take autonomous action against the presence of all kinds of racists, fascists and neo-nazis.
Organise yourself and your friends against the NVU! Block them, drown them out and let them know they’re not welcome! Previous nazi demonstrations always stayed very limited because of counter-protests by antifascists. It’s up to us to make sure racism can’t get any more ground in Amsterdam.

For more information and updates, check:
You can also follow Laat Ze Niet Lopen on Twitter and Facebook.
Leading up to the day of the counter-protest we will supply the latest information, maps of the area and infrastructure.


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