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#HambacherForest: Newsticker of a Black Day

We republish yesterdays newsticker of day 7 of the eviction of the Hambacher Forest. A black day. We added some of our tweets to the ticker.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

September 20

At 18:00 (06:00pm) today, a vigil will start in front of the office for the state of North Rhine Westphalia, Hiroshimastrasse 12-16 in Berlin (Image above)

00:12 (September 20) Attorney Mertens does not get permission to go to Beechtown.
23:30 10 persons are still in GeSa Aachen.

September 19

23:30 10 persons are still in GeSa Aachen.

21:53 According to info from EA, the legal team, NOT all will get out – contrary to the announcement of the police.
20:20 The police continues to control people on their way to the meadow. Sleeping bags and sleeping pads were seized.

17:47 The person died Comment

16:45 The police say, the person is alive and was brought away by rescue helicopter.
16:10 Situation uncertain. At the time of the accident there was at first a tumult, now a great silence and sadness.
15:46 In Beechtown, a person fell from a traverse (rope between two cabins).

14.20 Two more arrests, respectively in Cozytown and Beechtown. Repeated calls from activists who remain in the trees: «¡HambiBleibt!», ¡Hambi permanecerá!.
14:15 Malacadonia is evicted.
13:36 La cabin Bambule is evicted, the last person is forcibly removed from the tree top.
13:10 Cries from Cozytown, against one of the locked on people the police are currently using force.
13:02 In Cozytown, all eviction work was stopped.
12:59 In Malacadonia, the lock-on is being processed.
12:55 ATTENTION, POLICE! Under cabin Lump, in the “barrio” of Cozy Town, there is a tunnel. Moving heavy machinery in the area endangers human lives!
12:20 Arrest in Cozytown. The paramedics were called. However, it seems that the activist is fine.
12:03 On the outskirts of Beech Town, people accompany the expulsion with classical music.
11:35 In Beech Town, the dismantling of a cabin by the police has begun. The activists hang from traverses outside the houses.
11:35 Sitting in front of Coytown expelled. Cut from the hallway to Lump almost finished.
11:30 SEK is now on the cabin Malacadonia.
11:06 Evictiion in Cosytown too. Cherry picker installed.
10:58 Crane goes down again.
10:55 Crane goes up to Beechtown, there are cops with shields. 
10:40 Live from Beechtown (Tweet below)

10:33 To the west of the forest, the land in front of the mine is cleared of tree stumps. (There, the forest is cut 2 years ago.)
10:24 Cranes and cherry pickers in Beechtown. Evacuation is in preparation.
10:19 Hambi Twitter#Chainsaws cutting #trees to #HambacherForst defenders with 6 people holding out surrounded by a ground sitting blockade of 80+ activists. Need legal, press observers & support as the otherroad is to have faster way to remove the blockades with everyday now #policebrutality
10:11 SEK, climbing police and RWE workers inspect Beechtown. Seems that soon their job will start here.
10:10 A finger (a section) of AktionUnterholz arrived at the vigil.
xx:xx Support the prisoners! 4 people in detention – info here:
9:57 A person at the vigil has been brutally beaten by the police. Video (Tweet below)

9:50 In Kleingartenverein and in Lorien, there is a lot of police but no press.
8:37 La prairie est bouclée par la police en direction de la forêt.
8:30 Fifty people from Aktion Unterholz were surrounded in the fields south of Lorien. Twenty others make a sit-in in front of Lump in Cozytown. The eviction forces are on site, the eviction notice has been read.
8:00 Now, there are about three or four hundred cops at the airfield.
7:58 2 WaWes (Water cannons, in the language of the German police called WaWe), 1 eviction tank and one hundred cops at Secustraße. hundred cops heading for the meadow.
7:45 At the sit-in, the mood is good, they sing.
7:30 Sit-in started..

Invitation to an educational event of AktionUnterholz. They are looking for objects strange to the forest.

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