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Cops banned tomorrows forest walk: All out to #HambacherForest!

Cops banned tomorrows forest walk in Hambacher forest. Only a stationary gathering is allowed. The organizers went to court today to fight the ban but we don’t know if and how the court will decide at the moment. The stationary gathering will take place and hey..  who is going to stop people from taking a walk in a forest on a Sunday afternoon? So.. All out to Hambacher forest!

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

As we were on our way to Hambacher forest today, the news came in that tomorrows forest walk was banned by cops. The cops that are terrorizing people for weeks now, intensified as the actual eviction started more than a week ago, seem to try to escalate things even more.

The army of cops is occupying the whole region for weeks now. As we arrived at the 24 hour vigil today, we saw cops checking bags of people who walked in the direction of the forest. Our bags were also checked. After another 300 meters our bags were checked again. The third time the cops checked our bags was after maybe another 200 meters. This time the cops didn’t only check our bags, but also checked our ID cards. While checking the id cards one of the cops threw one of our bags on the ground. With force. One of our camera’s was damaged. A comrade who didn’t had his id card with him was immediately detained. After one hour he was released again but not before he was fingerprinted. Cops also filed criminal charges against him because he had a wire (sinve when it’s forbidden to have a wire?). Welcome to the police state.

We went to Lorien, one of the occupied villages with tree houses in Hambacher forest. There was a standoff after the cops confiscated climbing gear of an activist. The activist was also detained but according to our information it’s “just” a detention and no arrest. This basically means this person will be released in the late night or early morning hours. During the standoff cops announced again and again that people should leave the road to Lorien, but people didn’t. There were several hundred people at Lorien today. 


The cops did not continue to remove barricades from the road, like they did yesterday. The police operation was motivated with the argument that they wanted to create an emergency exit. Later the fire department made clear that they don’t need an extra emergency route, there is enough space. Although the evictions are officially temporarily suspended, it was clear that cops removed the barricades to come easier to Lorient when the eviction “pause” is over. They also brought a blue container that was used to plan evictions in the past week. 

Tomorrow’s forest walk is banned. It’s clear that many people will come. Be there!

September 23, 11:30am at the Collas gravel plant. We will report  from the ground

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