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#Berlin: One Struggle, One Fight – #Weide63, #Liebig34 stay!

Berlin: Today (September 29) we were together on the streets (About 1500 people took part in a demo for Liebig 34 and against gentrification, EIE) because the tenancy agreement of Liebig34 expires at the end of the year. The house has no prospect of being able to stay legal. The situation of the Liebig34 exemplifies the sellout of the city and the displacement of people from their living and living spaces.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Edited machine translation by Enough is Enough. Image above by @besetzenberlin

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

We are angry at ownership structure, speculation with housing, the system, the state that supports and defends these abuses rather than the needs of people. State structures are not a solution for us, they are part of the system and the problem we are fighting against.

We are furious that we are forced to curry favor with our landlords and politicians in order to be allowed to stay in our homes. Speculators such as the Padovicz group of companies are renting out people and at the same time knowingly leaving their houses empty in order to advance their own profit maximization, as is the case at Weidenweg 63. The almost empty house was filled with life again today. The occupation of Weidenweg 63 is radically opposed to the sexist and capitalistically structured housing market. In solidarity with the Liebig34, they stand for an anarchist and feminist Nordkiez (North hood, EIE). The action draws attention to a situation that we feel every day in the Liebig34: There is a need for living and organizing spaces for people affected by discrimination. The access to beautiful living and living conditions is often reserved for ableisierten (the able-bodied, EIE) and white persons, Cis men and humans with German passport .

That’s why there is an urgent need for anti-racist and queer-feminist self-organized places. Right now, in times of progressive individualization and an increasingly open-minded approach to racist and anti-feminist content, we need to find radical answers. We have to build a city from below. We must question ownership and power relations at the personal, institutional and governmental levels.

Solidarity with the activists of Weidenweg 63!

Stop the police violence!

Against the criminalization of squatters!

The houses for those who need them!

You can clear our houses, but you will only increase our resolve!

Additional comment by Enough is Enough: Weide 63 in Berlin was evicted again in the past night. A lot of police violence and several detentions. The @besetzenberlin Twitter account reported that all detainees are released again.


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  1. […] On 29.09.18 more than 3000 people demonstrated for the preservation of the Liebig34. The demonstration took place from Friedrichshain in the north district and went past left projects and houses of the same owner Gijora Padovicz. […]

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