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#HambacherForest: ​​#Paragraph11 evicted on Monday – Cops vandalized #Wiesencamp

Hambacher Forest: Many cops evicted Paragraph 11 yesterday. Some arrests and evictions were very rough. Paragraph 11 was evicted but Black Socks, Ghost Town and Quality land are still standing. Ghost Town will be evicted oday.

Part of the short report of the eviction of the ground area of ​​Paragraph11 riginally published by Hambi Bleibt. Edited machine translation by Enough is Enough. Other parts written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Short report of the eviction of the ground area of ​​Paragraph 11 Many cops evicted the ground structure of Paragraph 11 yesterday. Some arrests and evictions were very rough. Every time that we had the impression that journalists were not looking that closely, one or two cops stabbed people with their baton or pulled them by the ears. Some people were hidden under the underwood and were sawed out. That was not completely unproblematic and dangerous. Nobody was brought to the detention center. 

Overall, we had the impression that the presence of mainstream media journalists also had a protective function. Technical units partly cleared the barricades. Some of the excavators were bringing together the barricades that were built by hundreds of people on Sunday. 

All sorts of people carried huge tree trunks with 30 people around. In any case, this resulted in a lot of time delays in the eviction o Monday. RWE company spinners sometimes played like little kings and tried to give instructions to the media.

Paragraph 11 Tree house

After the cops evicted the ground structure, they started to evict the tripods and tree house. Activists inside the tree house made some streams and images of the eviction:

Cops vandalized Wiesencamp

While some riot squads were evicting Paragraph 11, other cops raided Wiesencamp at the edge of Hambacher Forest. The cops did not have a search warrant, which they confirmed on Twitter. The cops stated that the raid was based on the police law in North Rhine Westphalia which says that cops are allowed to search houses without a search warrant in cases of “immenent danger”. In this case cops confiscated dangerous stuff like bicicles (“If they are cut in half they COULD be used to build barricades”), water canister (“We saw them before at barricades”), sofa’s and many other things.

But that was not all. The cops vandalized the kitchen at Wiesencamp and detained several people during “the raid”. After the cops left Wiesencamp looked like after a major thunderstorm created by thugs.

But before the cops left they allegedly threw shit and other substances of a Porta-Potti toilet in a medics box.


The cops also came to Ghosttown yesterday. An eviction note was read and the area surrounded by cops. But they did not start the eviction on Monday. It was getting late and the cops often stop their main operations in the early evening hours.

The cops did not manage to evict Ghosttown yesterday, but they started with the eviction this morning. Although there are not much occupations anymore in Hambacher Forest, the cops seem to be demoralized on Day 20 of the evictions. Again and again people manage to build new platforms and tree houses and the biggest mobilization until now is scheduled for October 6.

The struggle continues!

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