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ALL OUT to #HambacherForest after cops banned tomorrows demo

Last night police authorities banned tomorrows demonstration to Hambacher Forest, but social media reactions immediately showed that thousands will defy the ban. Just like people did two weeks ago. Actually the cops announced the biggest spontaneous demonstration ever on the German territory. Meanwhile the Higher Administrative Court of Muenster ruled today that for the time being RWE is not allowed to uproot Hambacher forest. UPDATE 16:00 The court in Aachen lifted the ban of tomorrow’s demonstration. Come to Hambacger forest tomorrow!

Published by Enough is Enough. Image above: Fusion of NRW and RWE logos. Text says: NRWE – Together against climate protection.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

After weeks of escalation, repression and violence by RWE, the state government of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) and police authorities, the next step in this escalation process is taken: Last night police authorities in Aachen banned tomorrows demonstration to Hambacher forest.

The organizers of the demo started a legal battle to fight against the ban, but although they have good chances to win and therefore the ban could be lifted again, we actually don’t care that much if the demo is banned or not. People will come anyway, just like they did two weeks ago when the cops banned the forest walk

This next attempt to escalate the protests for the preservation of Hambacher forest and against evictions might be related to NRW’s new state police law. NRW’s Prime minister Armin Laschet and his minister of inetrior Herbert Reul are not only RWE puppets but also part of the rifht wing of the already right and conservative governing CDU party.  The NRW state government might think that a few images of burning police cars might make it easier to let the new police law pass NRW state parliament. But we are sure they will find a way to let the new police law pass parliament with or without this kind of images. 

Authorities also threaten to evict Wiesencamp (meadows). The owner of the only field at Hambacher forest that is not owned by RWE, allowed activists to use the field as a protest camp, but authorities now threaten to evict the camp at October 8. This comes after cops raided and vandalized the camp earlier this week

The ban of tomorrows demo brings a lot of  opportunities for us. The planned mass actions of civil disobedience tomorrow, were not allowed anyway. So for people who are planning to join these actions, not much has changed. The fact that tomorrows demo is banned also means that authorities don’t know the route which they do when a demo is registered. It’s pretty clear that they can’t stop people who want to go for a walk in the forest. Again there will be to much determined people, like in the past weeks when thousands of people started to build barricades after the weekly forest walks on Sunday. In the past three weeks the cops lost control for hours every Sunday. Tormorrow and Sunday October 7 this will not be different. 


The Higher Administrative Court of Muenster ruled today that for the time being RWE is not allowed to uproot Hambacher forest. RWE now has to wait until there is a final court verdict. That couls take several months. This means that we have more time to build-up the movement and to stop the uprooting of Hambacher forest once and for all. Neither RWE, no r the cops will be able to seal-off Hambacher forest for a long time. Even now there are some occupations left, like for instance Quiality land.

So let’s go for a walk in Hambacher Forest on Saturday and Sunday.

Be there!

Some of the Enough is Enough team.

Try to travel to Hambacher forest as early as possible. Trains will be packed and we expect there will be traffic jams. Here are some tips for tomorrow (including legal team info, places to sleep etc):

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