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#DefundRWE To keep global warming below #1o5C, fossil fuels need to stay in the ground – Defund Fossil Fuels campaign

Hambacher Forest will not be uprooted for the time being but the struggle to keep fossil fuels in the ground is far from over. A Defund Fossil Fuels campaign is starting to roll…

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Although I have some reservations when it comes to organizations like as they don’t fight against the cause of the problem, capitalism. On their website they wrote: “

Help build a new, more equitable zero-carbon economy

  • Promote investment in community-based sustainability solutions
  • Support communities confronting the impacts of climate change & building climate solutions for an economy free of fossil fuels”

But I think the Defund Fossil Fuels campaign is still interesting. It’s a campaign that can be supported by autonomous groups with their own actions and statements about the role of the financial world in the fossil fuel industry and capitalism in general. Autonomous groups can and should develop their our own demands. 

As I wrote in my article “#HambacherForest: So… where do we go from here?” the diversity of tactics brought us to the point where we are now. Hambacher Forest is re-occupied and climate killer RWE is under pressure. Targetting the corporations who finance RWE’s dirty business could be a next step to increase the pressure. 

Deutsche Bank is financing many projects of the fossil fuel industry and is the biggest financer of RWE’s open pit mine at Hambacher Forest in Rhineland.

Between 2012 and 2017, Deutsche Bank has provided a whopping 7bn dollars to the companies promoting the expansion of German coal and pushing a new generation of fossil gas infrastructure across Europe. That includes the coal giant RWE, currently moving ahead with destroying an ancient forest to expand its brown coal mine. Image:

Yesterday wrote: “It’s simple — to keep global warming below 1.5°C, fossil fuels need to stay in the ground.

Today, October 8, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its special report on climate change, and the steps needed to keep global warming below 1.5°C. We take it as a call to action.

The report will put climate science on the headlines, and will be a wake-up call to the world: to have any chance of avoiding runaway climate change, no new fossil fuel project can be allowed to go ahead. It’s a matter of survival.

It’s our chance to point the finger at those responsible. The fossil fuel industry, and the institutions who finance coal and gas projects, are knowingly causing the climate crisis.

So this October we’re going after banks.”

Banks like Deutsche Bank have branches everywhere, so it is possible to carry out actions with small groups like for instance flashmobs, pickets, gatherings, and many other creative things. Apart from Deutsche Bank, other banks like Barclay, ING Group, Santander and Société Générale, to name a view, are also financing RWE’s dirty coal business (PDF file published by with all banks involved: here: RWE financiers – RWE).

Apart from RWE’s open pit mine at Hambacher Forest, banks are financing fossil fuel projects around the globe. When people don’t limit themselves to RWE’s desire to uproot Hambacher Forest for their open pit mine but also write about other climate killer projects in their statements and/or press releases, the struggle for Hambacher Forest will be automatically connected with struggles like for instance the No Tap movement on the Italian territory and the Stop Fracking movement. Climate change doesn’t stop at borders, therefore it is important to connect struggles of this transnational movement.

Barclays tops the Europe list of fossil fuel financiers. Over the last 5 years it has financed just 15 companies with over 30bn dollars, including corporations pushing ahead the plans to develop the fracking industry in the UK. But they also financed RWE’s open pit mine with 690$. Image:
Intesa bank in Italy serves as the Trans Adriatic Pipeline’s ‘compensation’ bank in Albania and Greece. Landowners or residents impacted by the TAP construction and pipeline routing might get some compensation – but the only way for them to receive it is to open an account with Intesa. Given its direct finance for the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline in 2004 and direct finance for the Dakota Access Pipeline it’s also a prime contender to be approached by the TAP company for financial support. Image:
Uni Credits financing of fossil fuel companies_ITALIAN.jpeg
Creit Agricole's financing of fossil fuel companies_FRENCH.jpeg

As I already wrote above: I think it is important to make clear that the fight against fossil fuels must also be a fight against capitalism. Green capitalism won’t solve the problem but is rather a part of the problem. It is up to us to spread that message.

Apart from the Defund Fossil Fuels campaign (PDF File of with a lot of background information), the struggle at Hambacher Forest itself will also continue. The forest is re-occupied now and at the end of October there will be another mass action of civil disobedience at RWE’s open pit mine at the edge of the forest. Ende Gelaende is calling for actions against RWE’s open pit mine from October 25 – October 29. EG2018_Poster2.jpg

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