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#HambacherForest prisoner Andrea: Letter 1

This letter was written in the JVA Cologne prison on September 19, but received at October 8. UP 20 (Unknown Person 20, the prisoner did not give her identity details to the cops) wants to be called Andrea. At the moment two Hambacher Forest prisoners are still imprisoned: Andrea and a person who is known under the nickname Eule.

Originally published by ABC Rhineland.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Andrea was arrested during the eviction of a tripod on September 13, was brought before the judge in AG Kerpen one day later and put into custody jail in the JVA Köln for an undefined period.

Letter 1 of Andrea:

My first days in jail are like a rollercoaster.

In the first five days I didn‘t get my medications, and I have suffered from strong withdrawal symptoms.

In the mean time I have spoken with a doctor, and gotten my medications back, but now I will try to stop taking the stuff. A large part of the withdrawal is behind me now already.

I‘ve been annoyed by a couple of officials: they find it funny, that we live in a forest.

Vegan food is a bit random here. Since today I am always receiving lactose-free food. But the meat is still there.

The officials here only explain you something when you ask them to.

I already had to pack all my stuff twice, only to end up in the same cell again.

I rarely meet understanding for my way of life from other inmates.

The place here is very discriminating, sexism, ableism, queer-phobia, and so on are dominating the atmosphere between people here.

And the constant search for a cigarette.

It is a huge relief, not to be dependant on any drugs (except for the medication).

In the nights I cry myself to sleep, in memories of the forest and my partner-creatures.

Songs from Arbeitstitel: Tortenschlaht and Sissi are still spooking through my head, and regularly make me cry.

I want to thank the person, that sang together with me in the detention-centre. I will not forget „Mattenschmuggel“ so quickly.

Many thanks to all the great creatures, that continue to defend the Hambi.

Many thanks for all the experiences, that I was allowed to share with you.

Most thoughts about the forest make me cry, they are tears of gratitude.

Many thanks to all my great partner-creatures. The thoughts about our fellow experiences keeps me strong. We will see each other again.

They want to destroy me, but I will stay strong.

They want to destroy us, but we will stay strong.

We will not give up-

Soon we will be next to each other again, fighting in the Hambi, for a better world, defying capitalism and the society.

The revolution began a long time ago, and we will never stop.

First when the last tree is cut, they will realize, that humans can‘t breathe gold.

But we won‘t let that happen.

I hope that my letter will get through the observation, and you are allowed to publish it!

If someone wants to translate the letter into English or another language, this person is also allowed to do this.

Without dictionaries or internet, I don‘t feel so secure in English.

„See it as small guests, ‚dear‘ prosecutor, then you only have to read the half of it.“

Stay strong,

Andrea, September 19, 2018.

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