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First course : Torture and prison experiences of Anarchists in #Iran

Testimony about torture of anarchists in Iran.

Originally published by the Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran. Written by Abtin Parsa.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

anarchism.jpgFor hours, they pushed my head onto an iron table. In that room, there was a barrel of water hanging from the ceiling. From the barrel, small drops of water dripped onto the iron table. I had to be silent and just listen to the water drops with agony.

At the time, I was a 16 year-old with anarchist views and atheist beliefs. I was tortured because of my atheist views and my anti- government stance while a student at the Shahid Chamran School in Zarghan, Iran.

The name of the person who tortured me was Seyed Jaáfari; at least, that’s what they called him.

During the interrogation, most of the time, a empty glass bottle was on the table; I didn’t have another choice, I had to accept everything, even something that I never did; they told me if you don’t accept anything that we are telling you, we will rape you with this empty bottle.
We fought for freedom, for equality, we were tortured, under threatened; I was in sixteen years old as an anarchist political prisoner in Iran
There many people in there that some of them were girls, The Revolutionary Guards officials raped them every day; When I was in the detention center, my room was near the torture chamber, I could heard their voices and groans; my morale was totally destroy, I wanted to commit suicide several times, But I was thinking that I had to survive for saying that what happened there; I had to survive for revenge.
Now I am in Greece but I will not forget and I will not forgive.
Abtin Parsa

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