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#Berlin: Defend #Liebig34 – Past and Future

Berlin: After the demo for Liebig 34 with  3000 people on September 29, more actions are announced.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

On 29.09.18 more than 3000 people demonstrated for the preservation of the Liebig34. The demonstration took place from Friedrichshain in the north district and went past left projects and houses of the same owner Gijora Padovicz.

Following the demonstration, Weidenweg 63, an almost empty Padovicz house in the immediate vicinity of Liebig34 , was occupied as a solidarity action. During the evacuation of the Padovicz owned house, the property managers offices of the Weidenweg63 (Vivo Hausverwaltung) and the Liebig34 (Factor Hausverwaltung) were attacked.

We were all loud, combative and set a resistant signal against gentrification and its actors. We have all made a clear stance that we will defend the anarchaqueerfeminist house project Liebig34.

The fight for the Liebig34 must now be waged more than ever. The owner, Gijora Padovicz, has taken a clear stand and expressed that he will neither hand the house over to the residents nor enter into any form of negotiation. He, as the driving force behind the sale of the town, wants to turn the Liebig34 house project into a renovated luxury building and the Friedrichshainer Nordkiez into a “peaceful” neighbourhood. The motivation, apart from pure profit-making, is the destruction of social and collective structures in the neighbourhood and the “pacification” of the area. This is not an isolated case: these are systematic mechanisms used by state and profiteers to drive homeowners onto the speculative market and make returns out of a real fundamental right. Residential and living spaces are to be exploited commercially, widening the gap between social inequality more and more.

We are more than grateful for the masses who have taken to the streets for the future of the project and against gentrification and patriarchy and who ill continue to do so. We do not let ourselves be driven away and remain loud and dirty!

This is only the beginning, the struggle continues:
– Rage demonstration against Padovicz on 25.10. 15:30 at Kurfuerstendamm
– Neighborhood’s assembly on 28.10. at 17:00 in the youth resistance museum
– Interkiezionale days from 29.10.18 – 04.11.18 from Potse&Drugstore, Brauni, Syndicate, Großbeerenstrasze 17a, Rigaer94, Meuterei and Liebig34.

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