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Repression against refugees in #Bavaria: “Show police presence” and “make an impression”

Bavaria, German territory: A refugee camp in an industrial hall in Stephansposching (branch of the Ankerzentrum Deggendorf) was invaded by masked and heavily armed intruders with machine guns and long sticks.

Originally published by Refugee Protestmarch to Berlin Facebook page. Images by PNP, idowa.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

As if they are still not tired of playing war and the never-ending criminalization of refugees:

This afternoon (October 24, 2018) at 2 pm a refugee camp in an industrial hall in Stephansposching (branch of the Ankerzentrum Deggendorf) was invaded by masked and heavily armed intruders with machine guns and long sticks wearing chain mail and bulletproof vests.

The perpetrators: SEK (special forces), officers of the USK (support command), the (Bavarian) riot police and the police headquarters of Lower Bavaria.
The highway nearby had been blocked “as a precaution” in both directions temporarily.

The police was already terrorizing the refugees yesterday: They wanted to deport a man to Italy, but he was not found. Nonetheless they knocked and searched in every “room” (the camp is just a hall with partitions) and disturbed the people. They started questioning the police action.

Today in the early morning hours police officers came again and started to search everywhere, even in the bathrooms. People started protesting the frequent police raids and deportations: “This is harassment”. “You treat us like slaves.” 

Finally, the police officers wanted to arrest one of them, whom the media later called “spokesman”. 6-8 police officers beat him and tried to handcuff him. The others tried to film what happened, but the police would not allow it, demonstrating their guns, and saying: “Whoever makes a video or photo, will get a problem.” He was then brought to the police car. According to the media, he managed to escape but he was found again during the afternoon and then detained.

The police raid of this afternoon is already over now. The aim of the raid was “primarily to show police presence after the incident” and “to make an impression”, said the police spokesman.

The situation is still very unclear. According to refugees on the ground, about 12 people were taken into police custody, more people are missing.

This is a deja-vu experience of what happened on 14/03/2018 in Donauwörth!

#Deggendorf #Stephansposching #freetheprisoners #freeDW32 #fckcops #fightracism

UPDATE: Apparently 17 people have been taken to police custody. One will be brought to a deportation jail, the others might face pre-trial detention in jail (accusation: breach of the peace). All in all 41 “identity controls” were carried out.

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