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The rise of fascism and the growing climate disaster: When are we going to realize that capitalism will kill us all?

We are on the verge of a climate disaster, but instead of a united effort to get rid of the cause of the problem, nationalism and fascism are growing across the planet. At the same time financial markets and multinational corporations are cheering and parliamentary democracy is running in a dead end street.  

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In a short comment above the article “Brazil: Why Jair Bolsonaro’s Presidency Threatens Disaster for the Brazilian Amazon,” some of the Enough is Enough team wrote: “We don’t agree with many views of the nonprofit organization Amazon Watch. We don’t believe in corporate accountability or green capitalism. We consider capitalism as the root of the two problems that Bolsonaro’s election will bring: Fascism and environmental destruction.”

Bolsonaro wasn’t the first fascist that was brought to power by elections in recent history. Bolsonaro made no doubt about it that he will expand the deforestation of the Amazone. Rodrigo Duerte in the Philippines is a similar type of fascist. He is also killing the environment in the Philippines. In the US Trump is also working actively to destroy the environment.

But not only nationalists and fascists are attacking the environment and actively pushing the climate catastrophe.. The so-called parliamentary democracy will neither save the planet from environmental destruction, nor will it save us from fascism. In an analysis after Bolsonaro’s election in Brazil , a Chilean comrade wrote that Allende started his mandate in 1970 with a guarantee to the Chilean bourgeoisie that their interests would not be threatened, so did Lula da Silva promise businessmen and international bankers that none of their interests would run any risk in Brazil in 2003. He also wrote: “If Bolsonaro won the elections it is because before his arrival the three previous successive governments of the PT [Brazilian Worker’s Party] have made it their task to squash any last vestige of the the Brazilian working-class’ own power and combativeness.” The social-democrats of PT in fact governed for the landlords of Brazil and “managed to anesthetize social discontent with a calculated combination of social programs and repressive terror.” The neoliberal fascist Jair Bolsonaro will not be the first Brazilian president who will attack the Amazon: “It was under the PT governments, and not under fascist governments, that the deforestation of the Amazon reached the “point of no return.”

Mark Bray wrote in his article for truthout, How Capitalism Stokes the Far Right and Climate Catastrophe (which Enough is Enough republished): “Centrist and even nominally “leftist” governments pursue anti-environmental policies. Major signatories to the Paris Agreement are not on pace to meet the agreement’s goals, and even if they were it would be too little too late. No, the roots of these crises extend much deeper.”

The Brazilian “leftwing” governments led by the PT, or governments like the so-called “moderate” German government of Angela Merkel and paving the way for fascists and capitalist industries. It’s not the German fascist AFD party that is deporting and repressing migrants, it’s the German federal government coalition of the conservative christian-democrats of the CDU/CSU and the social democrats of the SPD who is deporting people and who sharpened the German asylum laws several times in the last three years. The same government made a deal with German car giant Volkswagen after the diesel emissions scandal. Earlier this week German chancellor Merkel proposed legislation which will tackle diesel bans in cities with nitrogen oxide emissions of 50 micrograms per cubic meter or less would would be deemed “disproportionate,” even though they breach the European Union’s threshold of 40 micrograms. The goal of the German government is to exempt dozens of urban areas as Merkel seeks to stay ahead of court-ordered bans on diesel vehicles spreading across Germany. Or is this the goal for corporations like Volkswagen?

Although these kind of corporations work with every government, they are constantly attacking rights of people, workers rights are reducing profit and human rights makes it easier for people to protest. The formation of the authoritarian state is happening in more and more states. Deutsche Bank tweeted (below) that Bolsonaro was the favorite candidate of the financial markets before the fascist was elected in the second round of elections in Brazil. The appeasement policies with capital interests of parties like PT will never work. Even small reforms are being attacked. 

German companies did nothing to stop Bolsonaro and his open fascist agenda. Ofcourse they didn’t, their profits will grow even more. 

These kind of corporations actively helped military dictatorships in Brazil and other states in the past. It would be naive to think they would not support a fascist with a neoliberal agenda.

Just days after Bolsonaro’s election, Volkswagen announced that the comapny will expand the production of large trucks that are mainly used by the agribusiness sector. The announcement came after Bolsonaro said that he will merge the agricultural  ministry and the environmental ministry. This move will pave the way to destroy the Amazone for the agribusiness and Volkswagen will be one of the companies who will benefit from the destruction of the lungs of the planet.

The ties of this kind of corporations with governments are close on all levels. In the German state of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW), Gregor Golland, a member of state parliament for the ruling CDU is on the payroll of RWE. The CDU/FDP state government ordered the eviction of Hambacher Forest for RWE’s open pit mine. While more than 40.000 people are already displaced for the expansion of the mine, a CDU politician from a regional parliament said those who want to stay in one of the remaining villages, Keyenberg, are luddites during a visit in the village that RWE also wants to destroy for their open pit mine.

The fact that wannabe leftwing governments don’t change anything are not a Brazilian phenomenon, so-called leftwing governments in Europe are not different. Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras of the leftwing Syriza party pleased the banks and the neoliberal European Union (EU) by cutting pensions, healthcare and education and also signed the EU-Turkey deal against migrants.

The centrist and even some of the leftwing politicians are successful in spreading the word that they are the “moderates”. They are warning for extremists, putting anarchists, communists and other leftwing activists on the same level as fascists. But who are, apart from the fascists, the extremists? The current crisis is making the ruling class nervous and  they know they are extremists who fight for the survival of an economic system, capitalism, which destroys the planet. Air pollution is already the “biggest environmental risk” to public health in Europe, causing an estimated 400,000 premature deaths a year. Time is running out! The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change wrote that we only have 12 years left to limit climate change catastrophe.

Mark Bray wrote: “We must recognize that the climate crisis and the resurgence of the far right are two of the most acute symptoms of our failure to abolish capitalism.”

It’s up to us to change that and our only and probably last chance to stop fascism and a climate catastrophe. We don’t have time to wait. This is the time where we have to act and we have to act now! We have to fight for a free and open society with a sustainable economy which is based on our needs and on environmental principles and accountability for the environment. If we don’t, we have one certainty: capitalism will kill us all.

Riot Turtle

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