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#HambacherForest: Expropriation of the #meadow: #RWE workers and their interests only forgotten?

Hambacher Forest: Expropriations are by law in the public interest. For example, because of jobs. Significantly, neither RWE in the application for expropriation of the meadow (Wiesen camp, EIE) nor NRW in the 3rd Framework Plan substantiate this expropriation with workers’ interests. Was that only forgotten by RWE and NRW? Kurt Claßen, the owner of the meadow, digs deeper and wants a statement. Embarrassing…

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt. Images and video by @freundeskreisv.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The expropriation of the meadow at the Hambacher Forst, file number 65.04.2r 255-1-1
RWE employees are struggling to keep their jobs! RWE and NRW do not lift a finger?

When approving the 3rd framework plan Hambach for the continuation of the open pit Hambach 2020-2030 (District Government Arnsberg = NRW) and the application for expropriation of the meadow on Hambacher forest (RWE Power AG), the workers’ interests in the preservation of their jobs seem to have stayed completely unconsidered. As far we can see, the interests of the employees in retaining their jobs at RWE are neither matters to be taken into account in RWE ’s application for expropriation of the meadow at the Hambacher Forst (38 pages) nor matters to be considered in the approval of the 3. Framework plan Hambach 2020-2030 by NRW (374 pages).


The district government of Arnsberg and RWE Power AG are hereby requested for examination and an immediate statement by no later than tomorrow, November 5th 2018, 12:00, specifying the pages and the paragraphs, possibly referring to the interests of the employees of RWE.

This deadline must strictly be meeted, so that a reply can be submitted on the same day if necessary in due time. To comment on the expropriation of the meadow, the district government Arnsberg has recently set a deadline, which expires on 11/05/2018 at 12:00 pm.

November 4th, 2018

Kurt Claßen

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