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#Aachen, German territory: Demo Against the shift to the right and state repression

Two trials against anti-fascist / anti-racist activists will soon take place in Aachen. We call for a solidary accompaniment of the trial and a demo against the shift to the right and repression. 

Originally published by Antirepressionsgruppe Aachen. Translated by Hambi Bleibt. Translation slightly edited by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The dates at a glance

One trial will take place following the events in the Frankenberger Viertel in March 2017. There was a quarrel with two organized neo-Nazis. Shortly thereafter, two people were arrested, they were accused of civil disorder and bodily injury. The public prosecutor’s office promptly fantasized about the danger of absconding and put the two on remand for more than two weeks. Now they are charged.

The second trial is an appeal hearing in connection with a spontaneous demonstration by Aachen in the summer of 2015. The occasion was the racial police murder of Mitch Henriquez in The Hague. The demo was brutally ended by the police on the Aachen market square, ten people were detained. Of these, four were arbitrarily selected, who were indicted in April 2018 with various allegations. After three absurd litigation days peppered with contradictions and memory gaps or obvious false statements by the cops, three people were acquitted. Only one person was sentenced to 90 daily sentences, but the prosecutor’s office is trying hard to get even more punishment: they appealed.

People being hunted in Chemnitz, arson attacks on refugee shelters, attacks on unwelcome people in the open, thousands of people dead in the Mediterranean and an unknown but very high number in the Sahara, daily deportations to supposedly safe countries of origin, constant tightening of asylum law, racist police controls, racist agitation by politicians of all kinds, neo-Nazi terror, covered and supported by the state – the urgent need for anti-fascist work has been clearly visible for years.

But those who do not keep silent, when Nazis in the area spread, who does not shut up, when the cops once again killed a man because he was the wrong color, is harassed by the cops, slandered by the local press and by the Aachen public prosecutor’s office covered with procedures. In the trials, attempts are then made to tug the commitment against fascism and racism deliberately out of its political context and the activists are portrayed as isolated, violent “criminals”. Often enough, exactly the same happens in the media presentations. We resist this presentation and continue to fight against oppression and for a world in which all worlds fit!

Let’s take to the streets together on November 18th to make anti-fascist perspectives visible and to demonstrate against right-wing pressure and state repression. In addition, there will be rallies in ront of the court on the trial days to show solidarity with the defendants.

*) Repression refers to the well-directed (state) suppression of undesirable behavior by means of systematic punishment, intimidation or use of force – or: When the cops hit you and you are finally sentenced.

Anti Repression Group Aachen

The dates at a glance:

Sun. 11/18/2018, 3:00 pm, Market: Demo “Against the swing to the right and state repression”

Wed. 11/21 , Fr. 11/30 and Fr. 12/07/2018, respectively 8:00  Amtsgericht Aachen: Gathering and trail Incident Frankenberger Viertel
Case history:

Wed. 05.12.18, 8:00 am Landgericht Aachen: Prozesstermin Incident Market
Case history:

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