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December 10: For a world without borders! Against the hardening of capitalism and authoritarian society!

Call for a transnational day of action on December 10, 2018:  For a world without borders! Against the hardening of capitalism and authoritarian society!

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Call in Greek, English, French, Spanish (Castellano) and German as PDF file:

For a day of simultaneous resistance without borders, December 10, 2018! Against the hardening of capitalism and authoritarian society!

Everywhere in the world, on the pretext of the debt of states, power continues to increase the inequalities between the richest and the poorest and destroy the planet.

Everywhere in the world, this decline in our rights and the destruction of life is accompanied by an amplification of surveillance and repression against all those who oppose it.

Everywhere in the world, power is trying to divide and rule by diverting the anger at the migrants it passes for the main culprits of the misfortune of the oppressed.

Everywhere in the world, fascism continues to rise, the ultimate stage of capitalism, the paroxysm of the authoritarian society, ready to eliminate its opponents and all those who displease.

Everywhere in the world, power claims to be legitimate on the pretext, on the one hand, of laws it writes itself so as to maintain and strengthen its position and, on the other hand, of periodical elections that are not democratic because they are the product of the factory of opinion by the mass media that belong to the ruling class.

Everywhere in the world, power is usurping its position and stealing our lives.

Unlike the oppressed classes of the 19th century, when they began to organize at the international level and to revolt, we are now facing two new problems in addition to the previous ones: the race against the clock in the face of a power that continues to grow through new means of monitoring and repression, which is reminiscent of the prophetic works of Orwell and Huxley, and the ecological race against the clock against a capitalism that, in addition to our exploitation, now arrives at a stage where the destruction of the Earth will soon be irreversible.

As such we can not wait anymore. We can no longer be content to fight each on his side, each within his borders, each within the framework of his struggles specific on all kinds of topics, each with his different ways of thinking and acting.

It becomes urgent to converge our resistance, one day per month, from 10 December 2018 and, thereafter, every 10th of every month, at the same time, all over the world, parallel to our daily local struggles.

We propose one day a month simultaneous actions against the hardening of the capitalism and authoritarian society. One day a month to remind everyone that this fight is global. One day a month to evoke the urgency to mobilize everywhere and to end power and exploitation. One day a month to start a countdown, to regain confidence in ourselves, become more numerous, and prepare together the end of authoritarian society and capitalism.

The 10th of every month is the first two-digit day, like a change of era, time, maturity. Because we must leave the political and economic prehistory of humanity before it’s too late.

Among us, no boss, no manager, no union management, no office of a party, no providential man, no enlightened leader: we propose only and simply a day of global convergence a month but we do not want to direct or coordinate anything. Just give a starting impulse, with this text and the acts that will ensue.

We do not propose either a procedure to follow, a way of doing things, a precise framework to our actions that day: to each to fight as he sees fit, where he is and to target this which seems important to him. Going out to the street the same day, all over the world, is already something important, if only to speak and prepare for the next occupying places, lands, factories, and more, much more, if some wish.

Everyone, imagine how to resist that day and let us know, possibly with photos or videos, through our free and self-managed media around the world, like indymedias, for example.

Everyone, translate this message into other languages and propagate it, on the Internet and even on the walls of cities, so that every 10 of the month, we are always much more and more determined.

Nobody will release us but ourselves: it is up to us to take our lives into our own hands as soon as possible.

Power is not to be conquered, it is to be destroyed.

Anarchists, libertarians, anarcho-syndicalists, autonomous and anti-authoritarians fromseveral regions of the world (Greece, France, Argentina, Spain, Algeria, Italy, Mexico, Belgium, Canada, Germany …)

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