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250 people at #antifa demonstration against racism and fascism in #Nijmegen, dutch territory

Nijmegen, dutch territory: On Saturday November 10, more than 250 demonstrators gathered at Faberplein to take a stand against racism and fascism.

Originally published by Nijmegen Tegen Racisme Facebook page. Images by Anifascistische Aktie.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

nijmegen10n2The action was organized by Nijmegen Tegen Racisme because Racial Volunteer Force, a group of neo-nazis had declared that they would come to demonstrate in the centre of Nijmegen. This, exactly 80 years after the Kristallnacht. The RVF demanded the closure of the socio-cultural centre De Grote Broek, which they regard as a breeding ground for anti-fascist resistance. The presence of a strong non-parliamentary leftist movement in Nijmegen has been a needle in the eye for the extreme-right for a long while now.

Since the RVF had not received permission from the municipality to demonstrate at the door of De Grote Broek, they had officially canceled their protest earlier this week. Nevertheless, there was a real chance that members of the extreme right-wing organization would still travel to Nijmegen to seek the confrontation.On their official website they had announced to come in ‘casual clothing’ to Nijmegen.

SAMSUNG CSCIn protest and self-defense against these violent neo-Nazis, Nijmegen against Racism organized a manifestation against Racism on the Faberplein, near De Grote Broek. De Grote Broek. More than 250 young and old, born and new Nijmegen people came to Faberplein that afternoon to take a stand against racism and fascism. They have shown that there is no place for racism in Nijmegen, and that de Grote Broek is part of a diverse and inclusive local community, which has a high level of equality and solidarity.

In the end the RVF could not successfully mobilize, and haven’t looked for a confrontation. As one of the organizers of the manifestation puts it: ‘’With this action we have shown that many people are welcome in Nijmegen, but racists and fascists are not.’’

Nijmegen Tegen Racisme, November 12, 2018.

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