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#Italy: A communique from Deported Anarchist Prisoner Davide Delogu from #Sardinia

The following communique was written and read out by anarchist comrade Davide Delogu on 10th October 2018 at his trial for attempted escape in 2013 from “Buoncammino” prison in the city of Cagliari, Sardinia.

Originally published by Sardegna Anarchica. Translated by Act for Freedom!

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

As we know, this trial was blocked for a year by the Director of Prison Administration, who was trying (and failed) to impose it via video-conference, thus abusing this ‘emergency measure’ in order to chain me within the role of helpless hostage of insidious and prevaricating technology, so as to weaken a prisoner’s will, depersonalize him, for those who don’t resist, tire him out, isolate him from solidarity and his loved ones, silence refractory tension in resignation, in particular the struggle against prison, a struggle that has never ceased to exist/resist in spite of everything. These are the same ‘emergency measures’ with which I’ve been caged in the prison cesspits of Sicily for years (deported as a repressive consequence for the struggle carried out in the prison of ‘Buoncammino’) with the application of special regimes, including the extreme confinement through article 14-BIS, regimes exercised with ferocious arbitrariness and perverse Zionist methods, so as to crush a prisoner morally and physically, and with him his original struggle, which nevertheless they couldn’t stop, as he is an alive, an incorrigible/untameable individuality, not subjected to prison alienation/annihilation, and on the contrary they fed more anger, contempt and determination in facing and fighting the white torture of continuous and total isolation in this case but also that of prison in general as an instrument of the State’s revenge, with which the latter plans and experiments on the skin of us the damned, the repressive development of the ideology of identity manipulation and flattening of minds and instincts, within an inhuman way of living, automaton-like, for the maintenance of not only prison power (which one can strike whenever one wants…) but also the whole capitalist-imperialist dominion of civilization, the system of what exists in society and everything all around.

Obviously, therefore, prison is not an issue unrelated to the social context that generates it. We prisoners are part of the exploited, brutalized and left in captivity, to whom the only thing that is granted is submission to a miserable existence!
The scene inside and outside doesn’t change because the market inflicted on the oppressed and the exploited is indispensable to the colonialist State’s security system, so that everything remains in a context of compatibility with the bosses’ interests; and when ruptures and oppositions occur, the repressive machine’s targeted attack intensifies, inside as well as outside.

This fact, however, didn’t prevent us, prisoners of the ex-prison of ‘Buoncammino’ from putting this mechanism into question.
Between May and June 2013, there followed in the Cagliari’s eighteenth century jail several collective strikes (unrelated to Pannella’s radicals, as was insinuated in this court) such as refusing food trolleys and the hour in the exercise yard in particular, but also short strikes concerning buying necessities and protests against the oligarchy of rehabilitation, all backed by bar-beating.

The first two forms of protest were joined by hundreds of prisoners against the unacceptable inhuman conditions of the jail, with a demand for prison improvements, the abrogation of aberrant laws such as life sentences and article 41-BIS, the application of a wide generalized amnesty, the spread of cohesion in the struggle with prisoners in other jails and the support and divulgation of a national demo that took place in Parma: against prison, differentiated treatments, article 41-BIS, isolation, in support of the struggle of all prisoners called for by the ‘United Against Repression Assembly of Struggle’, to which we contributed.

As often happens when collective forms of struggle are carried out in prison, with relations of power at stake, the prison authority (but also outside), when it doesn’t repress them immediately, tries to manage them inside the institutional cage in order to make them fall into the trap of compromise, exploitation, so as to fend off the self-determination of the bulk of prisoners in struggle, with the threat/blackmail of the use of isolation, punitive transfers, loss of benefits, compulsory search for the ‘promoter’ so as to inflict the undignified application of 14-BIS, etc.

But we didn’t give in to this logic of prize/punishment, and refused to be ‘managed’ like puppets and gave life to a cycle of struggle that hadn’t been seen inside a jail for years. We were all full on!

After twenty days’ confrontation, first we refused food trolleys and then we refused to go to the exercise yard, the narrow places for ‘strolling’ cramped like ‘human cattle’.

The prison direction didn’t just look on, they unleashed anti-strike repression that same day and devastated the cells of prisoners who had signed the protest document, during extraordinary searches. On that occasion they seized objects belonging to me, and with them they formulated the deviationist charge which led to my trial, with the intention of darkening and concealing a reality of struggle that was sowing seeds of rebellion and had to be nipped in the bud.

So first of all the jailers wanted to strike the rebel anarchist (and not only) because of the tenacity with which initiatives were being carried out in a more generalized context both outside, with solidarity interventions, and inside with protests in other prisons; and also because I never wanted to submit but have always faced, KONKA ARTA (‘with my head held high’, in Sardinian language), the tyranny with which they impose the substitution of dignity with obedience within humiliating and beastly jail conditions.

Today, as a matter of fact, they want to put on trial the determination of a prisoner in struggle who doesn’t bow down or resign to the ruling prison bureaucracy, the hierarchical mechanism of exploitation behind the bars, because I can’t be blackmailed with your punishments, compromises, hypocritical illusions.

But in the period under examination, there was an atmosphere of revolt in ‘Buoncammino’, considering the inefficacy that peaceful strikes had.

So we came to 9th July 2003, a day when a collective rebellion broke out, started by prisoners barricaded inside cells: sabotage on the electricity system of the units, detonation of dozens of diy gas bombs inside and outside the units; meantime the guards ran away from the units, there was throwing of flaming sheets and furniture, half-destroyed cells and fires at the windows and also banners to call attention outside where relatives, people in solidarity and journalists, called by the prisoners, were gathering in the forecourt outside the prison walls.

Prison violence didn’t delay in arriving and there were isolations, punitive transfers and the beating of a barricaded prisoner who tried to hang himself in the punishment jail he ended up in, also due to the ‘warm’ welcome they gave him.

Once again, therefore, they repressed, punished the human dignity which had risen with anger in an outbreak of revolt, unfortunately not showing the widest possible destructive strength!

I was taken to the concentration camp centre in Palermo and introduced to the torture regime of article 14-BIS, an oppressive, revengeful and annihilating instrument against anyone who doesn’t let themselves be tamed, won’t themself to resignation and doesn’t bow down before the jailers’ arrogance or the very class function of prison, where the State inflicts its organized elimination on the prisoner through the extreme violence of isolation with maniacal restrictions, the brutal conditions of the jailers’ psychopathic sadistic control, the total negation of any human relations whatsoever within the arbitrary furious power abused by any Prison Administration and extended without limits.

Everything was conceived to annihilate!

Therefore, rebellion against this hegemonic functioning has become like the oxygen one breathes, by practising various forms of permanent struggle and leading to the failure of the intentions of prison oppression.

The institution of bars would like to reduce us to consentient puppets through their miseries and methods by erasing the prisoner’s dignity and abusing his physical integrity, affections, sexuality and psychology so as to make him get used to the ideology of cops’ bureaucracy and get us accustomed to becoming servants and subjected to the State’s genocide perpetrated in the country’s jails without impunity, as part of a project of extermination in the democratic slaughterhouse, linked to a wider and more sophisticated maintenance of the current social order, which is meant to sharpen the development, settlement and expansion of repressive control.

Prison with its system of differentiated treatments as experimentation on imprisonment applied with forms and methods to the advantage of a wider oppression in society.

The extension of the prison model for a more alienating open prison, where the conditions of human (and the planet’s) life have radically changed with the purpose of creating a surrogate through a police-digital-techno-scientific system realized on the destruction of the values of freedom, which is forcing us to change in all the aspects of our existence, as an alienating consequence of people formalized by the ethics of civilization and its unrestrained collaborationism with ‘integration’.
And it must be understood that renunciation of the attack on dominion’s advance will be paid dearly!

Clearly, things don’t always happen according to the plans of those who rule, as demonstrated by many prisoners’ and others’ individual paths, those who never surrender!

When we were trying to develop the struggle in the Italian prisons with the latest mobilizations after the call of the ‘Coordination of Prisoners’, with the support of many realities outside, we didn’t manage to get anything out of our claims against power, but we did gain the important awareness that ‘wanting something firmly is sufficient to make it happen’ means that certain methods of struggle can’t be stopped or remain just that, without attacking the prison octopus concretely; and at least for my part there wasn’t the presumption of maintaining a sort of ‘reiterated prisoner’ aware of being exploited, humiliated, tortured and abused at the hands of prison despotism, if we consider that generally speaking prisoners are the same elements that inside like outside support the system of monopoly, beyond and within rules being broken; but the significance and evaluation that vehemently comes out of this is always the urgency of affirming oneself, starting from one’s anger, impatience and conviction to put oneself at stake in order to defeat submission to the interests of the system, which sometimes get confused with our own interests, to have the courage to take back/find back our desires, dignity and combativeness, self-respect, to lead us to acts of liberation from the cages we know we have inside ourselves, with the real existing forces which are certainly a minority compared to the enemy’s forces, so creativity can give to the combative minority an element of explosive vigour: dynamite has a value that can’t be substituted or questioned.

The chemistry of destruction converts itself in the hands of alchemy of liberation and revenge against the social order.
Either we’ll let ourselves be suppressed alongside everything that surrounds us or we’ll be those who suppress the mega machine very rapidly in its most vulnerable parts without waiting for anything.

There’s no half way!

For my part I’ll continue to follow my wild instincts and to fight also and mainly in the darkness of isolation, refusing the brutalization and discipline that the prison authority wants to impose on my mind and body, because it’s only me who decides how to face prison, and I do it by struggling behind the bars, which is the only freedom left to us prisoners.

No bar is as solid as it seems.
Long live those who cut them
Long live those who burn them
Long live those who fight against them!

Refractory solidarity with the anarchists imprisoned in AS-2 security units and other regimes of the Italian State and with anarchists in prison in other States.

Joyous greetings to the anonymous anarchists, also those in other States, who outside attack directly sectors of the most disgusting civilization in solidarity with anarchist prisoners and fill warrior imagination with strength!

Sempri Ainnantis [Always forward] For Freedom Every Day!
Deportau Anarkiku Sardu Impresonau [Sardinian Deported Anarchist Prisoner]

Davide Delogu, October 10, 2018

(Davide is currently serving an 18-year sentence for theft and attempted murder –2010/2028; he’s currently facing trial for attempted escape which we mentioned before and another trial for attempted escape from the prison of ‘Bruccoli’ in Augusta, Syracuse, on 1st May 2017, which he claimed in a public communique. The editors of S.A.)

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