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#Wuppertal: #NRW state minister of interior Herbert #Reul lays out populist zero-tolerance policing at “Literature against violence”

Herbert Reul, the RWE (Rheinisch-Westfälisches Elektrizitätswerk) employed police chief and NRW state interior minister, fresh from staging the largest police action in North Rhine – Westphalia ever, this Monday gave a speech at, yes, “Literature Festival Against Violence” in Wuppertal (German Territory).

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt. Slightly edited by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

police-state-300x300He spoke at a retirement home and instead of a table with books and an author signing his works, the lobby was full of police, there was no information or schedules nor mention of other events one usually sees at literary festivals like this even in smaller towns, instead there was private security, body guards in business suits and sunglasses.

See also ouPresse Release for a short report.
To give it a pretext of having anything to do with literature (Reul has written no books whatsoever, just a shameful chapter in Germany history of following its Paris Agreement exit with a small war on tree houses of ecological activists)to maintain that illusion of a literary cultural event there was a reading at the beginning and the end by the author who was standing by the door and who looked as if he was serenading a great leader with his work, with of course the only reul-wuppetal-300x239copies of the book being presented by the author himself as gifts to Reul and other officials sitting at the table. Literature for and by government officials(the author of appropriately a crime novel was a former policemen). Literature festivals often have panel discussions and the table looked like such with 3 local dignitaries going wild instead with the cultural funding to stage a political CDU promo event for Reul:  both very subservient politicos only spoke shortly in supportive and defensive capacity, while Reul delivered his speech, in which his connections to power industry were omitted as well as any references to climate crisis and social responsibility.

polizei-pigs-430x323In this surreal setting it was hard not to think that given a chance Reul would also like to take part in painting exhibition with neo-realist works featuring himself preferably with coal power plants, police tanks and helicopters  and symbols of climate chaos: hurricanes, global forest fires, rising water levels in the background to reflect his power and global reach affecting hundreds of millions a true crime novel unfolding a reality of mass global murder put in place by a dynamic of governmental impunity, corruption and arrogance.

wtal19nThe main body of the audience were retirees who will not see the most drastic effect of climate change that await the younger generations, also being traditionally more conservative they constituted a perfect audience for Reul. This was not the case with around 20 Forest Activists, Supporters, Photographers and Medics who bore the brunt one of the most repressive police actions in German post war history and who also showed up to pose questions about the following topics: Supporters-selective police searches and controls, Journalists – the erosion of press access and journalistic freedom, and the medics-the high escalation of police brutality with numerous injuries and hospitalizations. Inside of the crowd as the voice of protest and anti-Reul action begun were people who immediately tried to block those taking photos and using their smart phones, raising at the same time loud cries that they do not consent to any of the images being published on the internet. This seemed to be concerted, damage control effort coming from Reul himself, as later member of his stuff were observed doing the same.

wtal19n2What did they try to hide from being documented so desperately was media journalists being surrounded by CO2ps to escort them out of the room for raising loud objections blocked from being photographed were also many Hambacher Forest activists and supporters who positioned themselves through out the room with their mouths ducktaped holding photos of police brutality and violence, the actual subject of Reul’s discussion. Here is also a rough outline of Reul’s speech, sporadically jumping at times, laying out his master plan of right wing “law and order” police state reality that will progressively become the only response the governments are capable of engaging in to try to remove themselves from the responsibility for Mass Murder that run away climate change represent with as little and as much a 4 degree climate warming that we are heading for if carbon emissions are not reduced symbolizing and resulting in the world where 80-90% of human and animal population of the planet will not be able to survive.

So a call continues to go out from Hambach Forest for worldwide activists, society and political response to this globally homicidal dynamic attempting to convince many with the contorted logic you see below that we do not need a stable planet, governmental social responsibility and simply that the worse those in power Fu*k Up this world the problem can simply be solved by more CO2ps.




climate criminal bullshit follows…

The interior minister’s speech started with the assumption that we are living in unsafe times and unsafe neighborhoods. People in NRW feel more and more unsafe and Reul mentioned several statistics to underline his argument. He concluded that the state is not enabling safety, which is why populism evolves and that we have to do something about it. We have to make the world a more secure place, because people lost trust in institutions. One fundamental element to re-establish this trust and the feeling of safety is to make sure that people follow the rules that were set by society because laws and rules make sure that life and society is functioning. This is were the police comes into play: It is the police’s task to make sure that people follow the rules and every single crime has to be punished. With one sentence Reul mentioned that therefore, sometimes it is necessary to use violence, sometimes not, but he does not want to discuss the issue of punishment and violence in detail.


He went on focusing on older people more and more being targets of thieves, burglars. For the next five minutes the interior minister was really going for his audience by discussing crime against the elderly, the target group of his speech and his potential voters. He sees that there is not just a lack of respect of older people, but a general lack of respect to institutions, the state etc. (classic populist leap of identifying the common folk with the state, removing a critical and oversight perspective, to criticize institutions and government hence turns to be a crime against the people). Likewise, he assumes, there is no respect for police, state and the institutions (once again the state becomes and edifice that is to be unquestioned and beyond approach). For Reul, here lies the question if there is this disrespect(foundation of despotism:creating problems like climate crisis which raise general state of permanent state of emergency and then putting yourself in the position of power offering solutions). Outraged he says: “I ask myself why do people not scream out?”(Recruiting citizens to be the fifth column of snitches, informers and provocateurs, the result were apparent towards the end of the speech).
The solution for this lack of respect and trust into institution is more police and more laws. In the following the minister addresses each individual’s responsibility to identify criminals.

*Notes stop for. 10 minutes* Notetaker’s bullshit circuits blown for a while.


State is responsible for security, we have to modernize the police. Reul personally prefers the so called zero tolerance police attitude(zero tolerance for corporate corruption, governmental bribery as well), assuming that it does not matter if the person has money or not or if it has to do with environmental crimes (Empty words as environmental ministry in charge of perusing those has been striped of any juristic power or even ability to investigate eco criminality) and economic crimes and corruption.

He personally was concerned when during his time in the EU parliament saving phone call meta data was discussed and was initially opposed to it but later changed his mind; for crime prevention phone meta data(numbers dialed, time)has to be all saved in case one person commits a crime. (The term for this goes beyond the so called drag net surveillance where whole groups and even neighborhoods were monitored in connection with particular crimes instead monitoring and saving data on all and instead establishes pan opticon, big brother reality where the digital footprint of the behavior of the whole population is saved opening up possibility for unprecedented abuse and mass surveillance.)
If everybody did what she/he wants to the state would not function (He is right! He does as he and his former(?) employers at Rhine Energy (RWE) want and the State is not functioning as far as “Duty to Care” is concerned and is fully dysfunctional also dealing with what it admitted and agreed to has been the largest emergency ever facing the Planet: Climate Change)So what is being done on the part of the state to prevent this and increase feeling of safety?(The answer lies in the photo below: Rake in the millions and millions for himself and his corporate masters, destroying the Planet and cause what even freaking World Bank is admitting will wipe out 80-90 of global population and to preserve a feeling of safety(his own) get in the limo under police protection and get the f*ck out of Dodge after his term in office is over)


Just in 2018 additional 2400 new cops were conscripted in NRW. New techniques and equipment for police. New Cars, having visited a police station Reul conversed with a single policemen and was told how much new equipment is needed and then he understood how much that is needed. New police station need to be build as in some of the older ones co2ps have problems with rats.

Asked whether all these measurements would really lead to an increased feeling of safety, Reul’s answer was: “You know I am an old man now, I know how life works. I’m not in the mood for promises anymore. It is better to realize what you can realize, you can never know if it will work till you try it and wait for the effects.”

warning-policestate.pngRamblings so often incoherent and even illogical of figure heads such as Real, living in luxury at the public expense, are not harmless and countless generations will pay the price if this idiocy and pipe dream of using the largest unfolding disaster this planet has seen as a pretext to acquire more power will go unopposed.

So once again in case of renewed repression, “danger zone” bulshit and or evictions, grab your backpack, banner, camera and hit the Forest, closest RWE or coal power plant and or German consulate, embassy or their business counterpart: RWE, N-Power offices.  In either case Planet its Climate, communities, ecosystems and climate continues to be under constant attack so evictions or no evictions get active anyway!!

AND SPEAKING OF VIOLENCE!! Lets show that the only response to this crisis is not that of thousands, who are being paid, to load the ammunition in their Heckler & Koch pistols, get in the vans, tanks, water cannon trucks and helicopters and attack, evict, pepper spray and beat up activists calling for Climate Justice.  Lets show that the arsenal in this conflict is much larger and that it includes those dangerous climbing harnesses and equipment, wooden pallets, lock-ons, tripods, costumes, musical instruments and tripods, electronic equipment… and this is just a beginning of this list only limited by our collective imagination and sense of urgency.

For the Planet not just worth living but for one on which life as we know it is possible!!

Hambi Bleibt!!! = ClimateJustice

Lets throw Government Officials (Reul, Laschet etc.) onto a Climate “Prison”(Small Island disappearing under rising Ocean levels)!!!!


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