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From #Berlin to #Athens – In rememberance of the comrade Dimitris Armakolas

In the night of the 22 nd of November we went out to spraypaint the walls of Berlin in rememberance of our comrade Dimitris, who died too young and too soon after an accident.

Originally published by DE Indymedia and Athens Indymedia: here and here.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

„In the last week, Dimitris had his relatives, friends, neighbors and companions by his side, struggling with death, proving that the heart is the strongest muscle. A heart that dreamed of another world, a world of freedom, equality, solidarity and justice, and this dream he was trying to live in its own life until the last minute.”

Good journey Dimitris! The struggle goes on!

Text by the Assembly of the Initiative:

The House of Women, for Empowerment & Emancipation

On Monday morning, November 19th, Dimitris passed away at Tzaneio hospital of Piraeus, after a violent accident that he had 11 days ago, in his effort to suspend a solidarity banner for the imprisoned anarchist M. Seisidis, at Mercouri Square, in Petralona. We got familiar with Dimitris in our assemblies. He actively supported our struggle and participated, with heart and soul to our events and solidarity actions for the immigrant detained women, either into the Alien’s Detention Center of Petrou Ralli or outside it… Whenever a comrade faced a serious problem, Dimitris would be present to support her/him/@… Until the very last moment of his short life, only 22 years, Dimitris struggled for a free and anti-hierarchical world, a world which respects the choices of each person, beyond the norms of social structures and “regularities”.

Dimitris, our comrade, you will always live in our heart and in our actions…

We will never forget you!“ (

The Koukaki Occupation Community announced on Athens Indymedia that there will be a gathering in Athens on Sunday:

Sunday, at 2.00 p.m in Plateia Merkouri, the place where he got deadly injured, we are calling a political memory gathering for our comrade, the anarchist Dimitris Armakolas.

In this gathering will be a microphonic where some words will be heard about Dimitris from the community where he was living and struggling the past year. In the same way we are calling openly collectives, comrades, friends and residents to come and share their words about the loss of Dimitris.

At the gathering, we will have a box of free contribution with the target to create a permanent cashier for the medical expenses of non-human animals.

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