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Repression before #FueraG20 in #Argentina – Statement: Against the stigmatization and persecution of those who struggle

We republish this statement signed by anarchist and social movement organizations around the world denouncing the current wave of repression aimed at left, anarchist and social movement organizations in Argentina.

Originally published by Black Rose Anarchist Federation. Image above by @CTAAutonomaOK

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

In the lead up to hosting a meeting of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires on November 30, two bombing incidents conducted by unknown groups have become a pretext for wide ranging police repression including police raids on social centers and the homes of movement activists. As social movements prepare to protest the summit and it’s neoliberal agenda, the security forces have worked to create an atmosphere of fear, urging Buenos Aires 3 million residents to leave the city during the summit and announcing plans to deploy 20,000 officers.

Statement: Against the stigmatization and persecution of those who struggle


Against  the repressive and the criminalization of social protest, different human rights organizations, social, feminist, political, and labor strongly reject the function of the Federal Police commanded by the Minister Patricia Bullrich and the Macri government [current President of Argentina]. Using as an excuse the demonstration against the tomb of Ramón L. Falcón [an early 20th century police chief in Argentina known for repression and massacres against striking tenant and worker movements], in the Recoleta cemetery, a new campaign of stigmatization and criminalization by the government was launched yesterday, in this case against anarchism.

The media campaign and the statements of the Minister of Security, followed by a police deployment and arbitrary raids and detentions of different cultural and social spaces, such as the Anarchist Library and Anarchist Athenaeum of the neighborhood of Constitution and the Social and Sports Club La Cultura Del Barrio in Villa Crespo, private homes, among others, are another example of the repressive policy that this government tries to install by force of violence and starvation for our people.

It is important to point out that these facts are not isolated, but part of a systematic policy of stigmatization of the popular sectors and of diverse political and social organizations, searching to create internal enemies, as was the case of the report entitled “RAM” [Ancestral Mapuche Resistance, a militant indigenous liberation group] to implement its program of death and looting of our territory. The construction of a hateful discourse towards those who decided to put a stop to the advance of neoliberal, massive layoffs and the uncertainness of life, serves as another strategy to criminalize social protest. Mapuches, teachers, researchers, alternative media, women’s movements and dissidents [“sexual dissidents” refers to those who rebel against the gender order, LGBTQ], anarchists, migrants, leftist union militants or students have one after another taken in as examples of everything “bad” that needs to be suppressed. In all this, after the vote on the IMF budget and trying to create a climate conducive to repression the face of the upcoming G20 meeting [to be hosted in Buenos Aires November 30]. The popular sectors that organized against structural adjustment, misery and looting are not terrorists.

The different human rights organizations, social and political, sign in a spirit of solidarity coming from diverse spaces and groups that today are being pointed out and persecuted by this government which protects the interests of the few; these groups demand the freedom of the detained comrades and the cessation of criminalization and persecution.


  • AEDD- Asociación Ex-Detenidos Desaparecidos
  • APDH- Asamblea Permanente de Derechos Humanos
  • Norma Rios (President of APDH national )
  • Maria Elena Naddeo (President of APDH national)
  • Gisella Cardozo (APDH national).
  • APDH Regional Rosario (Argentina)
  • CADEP- Coordinadora Antirrepresiva por los Derechos del Pueblo
  • CADH – Coordinadora Argentina por los Derechos Humanos.
  • Familiares de desaparecidos y detenidos por razones políticas de Rosario (Argentina)
  • Liberpueblo
  • Club Social y deportivo La cultura del Barrio
  • Acción Socialista Libertaria (Argentina)
  • Federación Anarquista de Rosario (Argentina)
  • Federación Obrera Regional Argentina (FORA-CIT)
  • Organización Anarquista de Córdoba (Argentina)
  • Federación Libertaria Argentina
  • Federación Anarquista Uruguaya
  • Antifascismo Catamarca.
  • Barricada Libertaria (Córdoba, Argentina)
  • Colectivo Andamio Libertario (Concepción, Uruguay)
  • Biblioteca Popular Eduardo Martedi
  • Espacio Libertario de Paraná
  • Solidaridad y Resistencia
  • Madreselva Editorial
  • La Rosa Negra (Spain)
  • Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation (US)
  • Ateneo Anarquista de Santiago (Santiago, Chile)
  • Embat, Organització Llibertària de Catalunya. Salut i força
  • Palimpsestos: Revista de Arqueología y Antropología Anarquista
  • Kuruf editorial Fiske Menuco – Neuquen
  • La Conquista del Pan – Programa radial
  • Juanito Laguna corriente artistica libertaria
  • Independiente Antifascista
  • Confederación Sindical Solidaridad Obrera (Spain)
  • Red Sindical Internacional de Solidaridad y de Luchas (France)
  • Feministas Libertarias de Olavarría

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