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So-called #Minnesota: Water Protectors/Land Defenders Blockaded Enbridge Workers from Entering Office, and Narrowly Avoided Being Hit with Car by Angry Propipeliner

On the 15th of Nov. Anti-colonial Land Defense and Anonymous worked together in the continued struggle against Enbridge and the proposed Line 3 to send the message that Enbridge “stay out of so-called Minnesota with new line 3 and cease all work”!

Originally published by Earth First! Newswire

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Right before business hours began the collective blockaded the Enbridge office entances with banners reading “NO ENBRIDGE ON STOLEN LAND! NO LINE 3!” to disrupt the continued racist resource extraction and the write off idea that these genocidal companies embrace as “business as usual”. Conveniently for Enbridge to work right across the street from the City Police Department who in-turn for a paycheck protect these genocidal companies usually and quite often with physical force and/or forced detainment/arrest.

The group then took to the streets and held space at an intersection to show the public that we are willing to our bodies on the line to create a better world without racist resource extraction. That the feeling of being stuck in traffic is a small taste of what our comrades/relatives in Ojibwe/Dakota territory feel. Indigenous and allies alike feel our concerns about Line 3 have not been heard. Even after mass public outcry, the MN PUC granted permits to allow a new Line 3 to be built through over 300 miles of Minnesota. The Traffic was not blocked to gain support from drivers but to mirror to some how it feels to be in powerless situation. An angry pro pipeliner began shouting before driving their vehicle from behind us straight through our banner. Luckily no one was injured but the interaction is a reminder of how far people benefitting from racist resource colonialism will go to protect big oil and it’s affiliates.

A close call with something that could’ve been more tragic we will not be scared or threatened into being silent but we will overcome and March forward because the risks personally involved for us are a fraction of the lives that have already been lost and will continue to be lost in the fight for a better world.

To those in the area come out and support our communities! Together we will not let Enbridge continue its colonial genocidal resource extraction and profiteering that negatively affects the livelihood of Indigenious Communities, the sacredness of water, and the ecosystem.

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