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Enough is Enough Info-Café: “The Internet should not be the only space in which we work in collectives”

We believe that neighborhood work is an immensely important factor in organizing a better world and have therefore decided to open an info café in the Nordstadt district in Wuppertal, German territory.

Originally published by Enough is Enough Crowdfunding campaign.

News that will change the world

This is how the Enough Is Enough project began. We, a group of friends, started with a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a blog to inform about the growing worldwide resistance against capitalism, fascism and other forms of injustice; first in English, later also in German.

But we all think that the Internet should not be the only space in which we work in collectives and live a different, solidary world. We believe that neighborhood work is an immensely important factor in organizing a better world and have therefore decided to open an info café in the Nordstadt district in Wuppertal. The info café will be a free space in which people can enjoy fair trade coffee as well as their own tea, while they rummage in a selection of left-radical texts from our “library” or use the possibilities of the Internet via the open Wi-Fi. We want to implement our own ideas, of which we have more than we can realize.

But we also want to invite neighbors to organize events as well. Thanks to a projector there will soon be a cinema at Wiesenstraße 48 in Wuppertal, that will focus on topics that are given too little or no place in our capitalist world. We also want to realize a screen printing collective where we can print our own T-shirts, jute bags and other things to create alternatives to H & M and C & A. We do not just want to print on T-shirts, but also on paper, with at least one A3 laser printer. We believe that the written word has a different effect on people than an internet link, especially when we talk about our neighborhood. That’s why we’re planning flyers, posters and brochures just as much as a newspaper that has plenty of space for resistance & solidarity news and none for racism, sexism, homophobia and other hateful content. We want concerts, poetry slams, information events and readings with a really good sound, the message of love and responsibility to take care of each other. And we want to serve high-quality, fair-trade hot & cold drinks to show that solidarity can come into  our lives every second when we choose the right coffee. But since we are aware that there is no morally perfect consumption and we do not want our place to the capitalist practice of excluding people without money, there will also be a Turkish teapot where you can drink as much tea as you want. People who can afford it can give a donation for a tea. That means, everyone gives as much as he or she can. Whoever gives nothing is just as welcome as someone who can afford to put a fiver in the glass.

For some time now we have been running an online shop where you can buy your own t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandising items. Of course, you will also find a selection of these articles in our store and you can of course also order from us personally and buy anonymous. Since we are all politically informed and committed, it will also be possible for us to hold debates on current political events. For example, picking up the latest information from the Hambacher Forest while drinking a cup of Zapatista coffee is much nicer than trying hard to find the news on your smartphone in the morning without having the possibility to discuss it and exchange views. Isn’t it?

We live in an affluent society that we could use quite differently if we would be better organized. Therefore, we will set up a “free shelf” in our shop, which you can fill and/or empty without money. Well-preserved clothing & shoes, CDs, books, toys or jewelry; Look through your things and give away what you do not need. We are also connected with foodsharing activists. An open fridge for those who want to share instead of throwing away food will therefore also be part of the project. And since some of us also deal with the good, old handwork, there is also the possibility to start a little round for knitting, crocheting, embroidery and sewing, to bring young and old the old methods of clothing to bring back close.

The Nordstadt district in Wuppertal Nordstadt is colorful and diverse. In order to keep it that way, we would like to organize a “reporting point racism” in which people can anonymously report racist incidents. These are then categorized, analyzed and, if possible, anonymised and published.

We do not just believe in a better world.

We have started to live it a long time ago.

And you all can decide if you want to become part of this world.

Donate on our crowdfunding campaign, share it and send it to all your friends and acquaintances, come visit us in the store and see our work for yourself and get active for a solidary neighborhood!

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