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#YellowVests: You were saying? Social revolutions are over, anachronistic, impossible?!!!

Who are the yellow vests, the government, journalists and politicians wonder hypocritically. Bosses, professionals, petty bourgeois, they said! Ultra-left or far-right, adventurers, professional rioters, troublemakers?!!! Ridiculous attempts to discredit the yellow vests: pathetic means against a mass movement!!!!

Originally published by Matiè et Revolution. Translated by Proudly Negative.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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The main slogan of the yellow vests: “We’re fed up with poverty!” is clear: they are those who are starting to no longer bear having to live in deprivation…

It is already an insurrection of the miserable, the oppressed, the exploited!

What is “en marche” is the social revolution!!!

There was nothing that the united forces of repression, of reform, of negotiation, of base compromises and of opportunism could do: when necessary, the proletarian masses take back control of their own future, starting with gathering, talking to each other, deciding to act by themselves, without the political and social supervisors that the ruling classes had strived to put in their way.

We will never forget, for instance, that the heads of all the unions have done everything they could to make people believe that the yellow vests was a fascist movement, of enraged petit bourgeois, hostile to the working class!!! While this is failing, while this movement is the largest proletarian movement for a long time, they will have done their best to prevent it, to break it from the onset and throughout!

What bothers the unions in the yellow vests movement is the self-organising and the insurrection, and it is unmistakable after a common day of action like last Saturday, where the CGT central bureaucracy remained hostile, while local unionists often joined the yellow vests movement, and where the CGT refuses to link the strikes and the movement, or to instigate workers committees in companies. The CGT is absolutely opposed to self-organising and to insurrection. This must be remembered for what comes next: those reformist leftist or unionist organisations are not friends of the growing social revolution…

Yes, the insurrectional quality of the yellow vests is really departs from the mundane and short-lived movements initiated by the union bureaucracies for years, both multi-union- and solely CGT-led. Indeed, the unionist days of inaction were the exact opposite of this movement: neither inter-professional nor self-organised nor uncontrollable nor threatening to the power and the ruling classes, nor radical in their goals and their perspectives, nor explosive and extensive, nor dangerous in any way for our enemies.

The union bureaucracies have never wanted struggles to be controlled by its participants. They have never wanted for the whole country to be blocked, barricaded, in revolt. They have never wanted for the whole ruling class, all the profiteers to be called out. They have never wanted to make social revolts global, unite them in a single movement and throw it against the rich, the exploiters, the profiteers!!! They have never accepted the struggle’s spontaneity or acknowledged the capacity of workers to decide for themselves, to organise themselves and to lead their own social fights outside the union headquarters, specialists in worker defeats.

And they have never allowed for worker struggles, however large, to be feared by the ruling classes, whereas the yellow vests today are feared by the ruling classes even outside French borders! Because their example is spreading beyond borders!!!

In the struggle’s social content, the yellow vests are much more radical than the reformist lefts ever were, including the left’s left, the unions and the opportunistic far-left. Those respectable people had never called out taxes! Or banks either!

Macron outright dismissed the demands of the Gilets for more social services and less taxes, which he called childish and unreasonable: “We need to explain to people what their taxes are used for… If no one does it, everyone will believe that school being free or society paying for end of life care is normal.” In actual fact, the demands for less taxes and more public services are not childish; they require expropriating the capitalist ruling class…

Macron is certainly using the violent parts of these protests and blockades to denounce the movement and morally undermine it. But isn’t the true violence the one exerted by the rich and their government? Didn’t they drive peaceful fathers, pushed into poverty, to revolt? Didn’t they drive mothers, including single mothers, who can no longer afford the minimum expenses for their obligations, to take the streets, and to risk being beaten with sticks, gazed and even arrested!

Violence is the ruling classes proclaiming: we always need more, more billions in profit on the back of all those who work to survive!

It is no coincidence if everyone is starting to compare the political and social situation to the Ancient Regime, with a ruling class and its power so discredited that the oppressed and exploited masses only count on insurrection to impose the necessary change!

Throughout the country, connections are being created between all the exploited, oppressed, crushed, pushed over the edge. And now, the only real perspective is that the working class organises itself in workers committees, gathers in the companies, debates and decides on its demands and its program of action. Where this is beginning to happen, the unions’ reluctance is quickly challenged…

If Macron and his mandates, the exploiters, ended up sparking things off with their endless abuses, corruption, embezzlements, thefts and malpractice, the social revolution will be the one thing that they will have legitimately earned!!!

During the yellow vests movement, the bourgeoisie leads its repressive forces to suppress insurrections and accustoms the population to it… But it is also surely leading the workers to social insurrection!

We will soon rediscover the Parisian proletarian slogan from 1871: “Long live the Commune!”

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