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After #Facebook

On January 1, 2019 we will start leaving Facebook. Step by step. Actually the first step was already made: Last week we deleted the Facebook widget on the Enough is Enough blog.

Published by Enough is Enough.

The Enough is Enough Facebook page will continue to exist, but from January 1 we will not regurlarly post on the page anymore and we already stopped publishing links to the page.Every now and than we will publish some info about bigger mobilizations, but thats it. We recommend to follow our activities on GNU Social, to be more precisely: our Mastodon account on todon. You will find it here: The German language part of the Enough blog never had a Facebook widget and will concentrate on the activities of the Enough Info-Café in the future, but at some point the Facebook page in the German language will also stop posting on Facebook. You will find the German speaking Enough is Enough GNU social account here:

Here is an article from Infoshop News:

If you are like many people these days, you are here because you are looking for alternatives to the large social media companies. We get asked all the time for our suggestions of alternative services that people can’t switch to, or, at least help minimize the time spent on Big Social Media. We get that you want to stay in touch with friends and family, but you can reduce the time your eyeballs are parked on Facebook and their ilk.

General Practices

  • There is a wealth of online content that you can enjoy just by bookmarking and consciously visiting websites more often.
  • Public libraries have tons of books, magazines, newspapers, videos, audio, and other materials and services available. Apps like Kanopy, Hoopla and Libby give you access to free movies.

Alternative Social Media

  • Mastodon – Probably the most viable alternative to Facebook that has similar features like status updates and media sharing. Does require that you know somebody who has set up an “instance” which is like a small network of friends, family or like-minded people. Try out
  • Diaspora
  • Edmodo ~ educators and students
  • Family Wall

Secure Chat

  • Signal
  • Discord (But be aware… there are also many fascist groups using Discord and their channels were hacked several times. We don’t consider Discord as a secure chat! EIE)


News Feed

One of the most popular things about Facebook is the access it gives you to news and opinion from sources you like. But you can replicate and replace this feature, often with better services.

Alternatives to Twitch

Twitch is owned by Amazon.


Free and Open Journals

Open Web

Further Reading

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  1. Discord is definitely not a ‘secure’ chat. They have no warrant canary and give information to cops as soon as they can. Its a good chat service, but far from a secure one.

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