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Reportback #YellowVests: #ActeVII in #Toulouse

A reportback from the Yellow Vests actions in Toulouse on December 29: Acte VII.

Originally published by Collectif Auto Média étudiant Facebook page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Once again, lots of people got together for Act 7 of the Yellow Vest protest in Toulouse. The crowd gathered at Arnaud Bernard at 2pm. 
Very quickly, more than 1000 people went towards the Conseil Départemental and went back to the city centre. The first friction with police occurred next to the St Sernin basilica: the police wanted to block protesters from going to the Capitole (main square of the city, where the town hall is). They used tear gas.

The city boulevards (Jeanne d’Arc, Compans) were full of fully armed cops, many police vehicles, including one equipped with a water cannon. 
4pm : Cops spent about 30 minutes throwing tear gas bombs on people near Compans Cafarelli.

The crowd headed towards the Pont des Catalans and crossed the Garonne river. The helicopter was flying over our heads. The BAC (Brigade Anti Criminalité, mainly plainclothed cops, known for their brutality) dispersed the protesters.

5pm : The crowd was trying to go back to the city centre but the bridges were blocked by many police trucks. Cops were still attacking the crowd and proceeded to an arrest. They started using GLI-F4 grenades, infamous for mutilating and hurting many protesters. It contains 25g of TNT and can be thrown either by hand or be rocket-propelled. Some of these grenades did not explode when thrown, which is very dangerous if someone picks it up.

6pm : only a few hundred people remained near the Fer à Cheval roundabout, being chased and attacked by the police. A protester got shot in the eye with a flash-ball. The « voluntary rescue » service took care of him quickly. By the way, we spotted them snitching and talking with the cops several times.

Around, people were fleeing and went hiding into a school, some others in a construction site. When they got out they were searched and their protecting equipment was seized, along with their yellow vests. A person was arrested there for drug possession and knife possession. 
At the same time, the protesters that had managed to stay in the city centre were tear-gassed in the Capitole square, after trying to knock at the town hall door.

About 20 people were arrested in Toulouse during the protest, summary trials will take place on Dec. 31th and Jan 2nd. People will be taken to jail to wait for their trials. We could stress the police violence, once again, but with the GLI F4 grenades used for the first time in Toulouse. Lots and lots of tear gas, systematic use of flash-ball, physical violence with batons, kicking … And also the psychological violence, due to stress, slurs, threats.

EDIT 31/12 : we were informed that it was not the first use of the GLI-F4 grenades. They were used on Dec 8th for sure and some people testified that they were used during previous Yellow Vests protests.

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