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#Stuttgart: Our solidarity is their loss of control – New Year’s Eve demonstration around the JVA-Stammheim

Like every year on New Year’s Eve, an unregistered demonstration took place around the JVA Stammheim prison in Stuttgart, German territory. Under the slogan ‘Our solidarity is their loss of control’ , up to 200 participants welcomed the prisoners with loud slogans, lots of fireworks and solidarity.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The hardness of civil legislation is becoming increasingly acute: attempts to restrict the rights to assemble, the extension of police powers, the development of surveillance mechanisms and the military armaments of the police. The intensification of repression is accompanied by a militarization and rearmament here in Germany. The jail is one of the last means where people who can not be integrated into the existing conditions are locked away. Be it political activists or people who have not acted that the civil law wants us to force for other reasons . Just as the rulers, with armaments and intensified repression, seek to ensure control over the existing system, we use our solidarity to overcome those very conditions.

The prison walk to JVA Stammheim goes back to the solidarity movement with the hunger strikers of the RAF in 1989 – and even today it is about action to greet the political prisoners in the maximum security prison in particular and at the same time to tackle the capitalist prison system itself.

Passing the new branch office of the Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht, OLG), a pyro show started in sight of the new buildings of the Stammheim JVA. Here, a large part of the prisoners were relocated in recent months. With many red Bengalos and smoke, as well as a greeting to the prisoners, the prison walls of Stammheim were symbolically overcome. The prisoners made their approval for the action from the jail clearly audible. A special greeting was addressed at this point to the 4 prisoners from the Kurdish freedom movement. Anyone who struggles not just with words but also with deeds for a international solidary society must expect jail in Germany as well.

The demonstration marched on and on a prison wall murals of in police custody or in jail murdered Oury Jalloh (2005) and Amad Ahmad (2018) were attached; two refugees who burned behind the walls of the German state. While the judiciary tries to cover up what actually happened, the protesters made clear that this was murder!

The additional spray slogan ‘mourning to rage – rage to resistance’ alongside the pictures shows that these must not paralyze tragic events, but must spur them to continue to fight for a solidary society.

Afterwards, the demonstration train turned and ran back again. This decision caused even more nervousness among the – anyway nervous – cops. After being confronted with target-oriented rocket fire and thunderbolts during the entire demonstration, this maneuver obviously caused so much surprise that they unceremoniously built another rear-end collision.

At the end of the prison demonstration activists from the demo attacked the brand new OLG in red. Firecracker, smoke and rockets simultaneously ensured that the cops could be pushed into the defensive in this situation.

Overall, the Stammheimer Knastdemo was a motivating end of the year 2018.

The prisoners have seen and heard that they are not alone.

The cops could not restrict or stop the militant protest, and anti-capitalist and revolutionary leftists have shown that it is still possible, even in times of general aggravation and culmination, to be offensive and organized. The next year we will continue to work to learn and act in existing struggles, countering the attacks of the rulers with a self-assured movement from below.

We look forward to an eventful and militant year 2019!

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