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#Brussels: Solidarity convoy to #Athens, #Exarchia

On the 24 the of February, at least 27 vans from different places will reach Exarchia, Athens, to support self organized initiatives that are facing the consequences of austerity for years.

Originally published by Soirée info : Bruxelles et le convoi solidaire vers Exarcheia Facebook event page.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

On January 7, there will be an info event in Brussels about the solidarity convoy. The event starts at 18:30. Location is: Rue de Liedekerke 71 in Brussels.

On the 24 the of February, at least 27 vans from different places will reach Exarchia, Athens. Carrying with them; medicines, powdered milk, diapers, long-life food, toys and other essential materials to support the self organized initiatives that are facing consequences of austerity for years. These groups are proposing to help with, for example, solidarity kitchen, lodgment solutions for people in precarious situations including migrants, medicine distribution and many other services.

So, we’d like to join this movement and organize a benefit party in Brussels in order to fill one, or, let’s be optimistic, several vans.

We’re just a small group now, in the motion of growing, and if you’re interested to help for the next 6 weeks, you’re more than welcome!

For more information about the fundraise : 
The link of the documentary: “On the road of Exarchia” from last year :

What we need:
· Vans available for 24th of February to the 10th of Mars.
· To raise funds; benefit party, projections, solidarity kitchen, …
· Communication
· Free space in Brussels; to store materials until departure date
· Any motivated graffitists, artists, illustrators, who can make beautiful pieces/photos for the events, posters or serigraphy clothes.
· Translation ( FR/NL/EN)
· Time, energy, and motivation !
· Good ideas to buy/find the materials from the list, for cheap

Will be a great pleasure to see how all this could work out,

Convoy solidarity team bxl

If you have any questions, contact us by;

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