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Call for international solidarity by revolutionaries from the French territory

French territory: In the past 2 months many people were arrested and injured by state mercenaries during the ongoing Gilets Jaunes revolt. Revolutionaries from the French territory are asking for international solidarity. Enough is Enough will start collecting money to cover legal bills for comrades on the French territory.

Originally published by Comité d’Autodéfense Juridique (Legal Self-Defense Committee)

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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Call for international solidarity

Since November 17th, an unprecedented social movement arose almost everywhere in France. We, the so-called “yellow vests protesters“ are occupying, blocking, invading the streets, attacking the repressive forces, undermining, talking and dreaming of better tomorrows. This movement is characterized for its best part by the numerous actions conducted by its participants. The important comeback of direct actions practices obviously threatens the power who would prefer the exploited workforce to stay docile and participate to their citizen duties and other electoral jokes. Thanks to a horizontal organization and because we have refused to have representatives, we have denied the power of its traditional intermediaries that most of the time weaken the struggle.

For the moment the State can only rely on the police to make us go back home. And he uses it better than ever. For a few decades, we have been experiencing an explosion of security policies at an international scale. These policies are designed to serve the capitalist class and we must respond with improved practices of defense and attack. We must face new law enforcement weapons, new laws creating new felonies, new jails. The successive uses of « State of Emergency » of the repressive arsenal, have opened a large panel of possibilities for the police and the justice.

Last weeks’ level of repression has reached record levels and is obviously that high (in terms of mutilation and imprisonment) in order to make us afraid to struggle. It’s difficult to give a precise count of sentences, but we know that more than 200 persons have already (since November 17) been jailed and numerous instructions for pillages and fires have been initiated. One person has already been killed by police’s teargas grenade, several persons are still in a coma after a flashball shot in the head, 4 persons have lost a hand (because of GLI F4 grenade containing TNT); 12 persons have lost an eye, one has totally lost the hearing and over a hundred of people are mutilated.

A large majority of condemned persons are from the working class, with or without a job, most of the time very poor and isolated. For us, partisans of the Revolution, it is crucial to express a solidarity in act with condemned people and to require the liberation of incarcerated people. Several tools already exist in different cities (anti-repression collectives, solidarity funds for prisoners etc.) and the movement demands general amnesty for all accused people during the movement. Nevertheless, given the extent of the situation we are at risk of being quickly financially overwhelmed. Therefore, we are calling revolutionary comrades from all over the world for their financial, logistical and political support. It will also help us to struggle against nationalisms in the current yellow vests movement whatever the side of the frontiers we are currently living in.

Revolutionaries from different cities of France

To contact us:

We will be communicating about the actions and other events of solidarity and we will distribute the collected money.

To have an idea of the degree of police violence (updated):

Enough is Enough Repression Fund

Solidarity with comrades on the French territory. Support them and help to cover their legal bills with a donation. Even small donations can make a difference.


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