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#HambacherForest: The new Shitbarricade is available! (4. edition)

Hellö, here we are again. Reappeared to add our (and others) two cents. Like always, its hard to swallow the majority of the stuff that is spreaded. We want to share an alternative to the massproduced junk. So we present the 4th edition of this handmade product. Like always full of love, rage and ingredients from the region and all over the world. To be clear: This is the 4th edition of the “Shitbarricade”, a selfproduced Newspaper from people in and arround the occupyed Hambach Forest.

Originally published by Shitbarricade.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

reading version – Leseversion (German – English)

print yourself – zum selbstdrucken (German – English)

A lot of time passed since the last edition in june ’17 and way too much happend to fit into one newspaper. Especially the eviction of the forest in september and october, going along whith a giant rise of media-attention and popularity of the topic. For many people, this eviction was a massive decisive turning point. Many had to deal with heavy physical and psycological injurys. In particular the death of Steffen will stay in our minds, many people are still struggling with the incidents and the following trauma. But it never became quiet arround Hambach Forest. Quiet immediately after the last treehouse being evicted, the forest was reoccupied. But the cops and securitys didnt stop and are inreasing their pressure during the last weeks. We are thinking, the reprogressing of the eviction, including everything that goes along, would not fit into this edition. It would fill a whole book! Thats why we dont talk about the eviction. At the same time we feel the need to focus on it in a further newspaper. We would be happy if people have ideas, how to frame this. Maybe we will have a Shitbarricade-special edition about the eviction?!

Some material, published in this edition was already made before the eviction. There has been the plan to publish one during the preperation and during the eviction. So there ere some letterboxes in the forest to collect contents people wanted to publish. There was a lot of nice stuff , but many things got lost when the cops invaded the forest and the meadow. But some is still there and printed in here. Related to the eviction, you will find letters from prisoners Winter and Eule in english and german. Beside this we printed the open letter, written from the relatives of Steffen Meyn to the government of NRW. We didnt translate this text by purposely, because we didnt want to mess up or misinterpret the personal and emotional meaning of the words. Because we know that our english is quite faulty. Moreover you will find a emotional text, talking about the happenings going along with the evictions. Caused by the massiv destruction of living spaces, the resistance spreaded in the area. In october, there were some exiting weeks. For a short time, people managed to squat several houses in Manheim, a village next to Hambi which is nearly completly abandoned. Like the forest, Manheim is gonna be destroyed for the lignite mine. Some of the houses that were occupied are alredy teared down after being evicted. About Manheim Autonomous Zone (MAZ) you will find a text and a drawing.

In October we got the message about the death of Waka, a friend of many of us. He died fighting for the revolution in Rojava. We reprinted a poem, he was doing for the seccond edition of the shitbarricade. Moreover there is a epitaph for Waka, written by one of his friends. Also there, we didnt translate the original english text, in oder to respect the personal words. Moreover we printed a letter from a comrade in Rojava, a critique about media-work, a theoretical input about climate justice and and and….and many artist and creative stuff… But take a look by your own. Some stuff is not translatet, because its too long and the people working this edition were too lazy… Like always: Send your ideas, texts, drawings, critique etc for the next edition to our email: Maybe you already have thoughts, images, poems, songs, hatespeeches about the eviction? Keep it coming! Send it and we are getting closer to the eviction special edition of the shitbarricade! Apart from that: Have fun with this one and dont get caught!

January 2019

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